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Exclusive  [More]
· (93)
· Research progress of microfluidic technology based on surface acoustic waves (205)
· Optofluidic sensors and their applications (142)
· Microfluidics based cell manipulation: Methods and applications (227)
· Microfluidic chips for single-cell trapping (232)
· Microflow synthesis and preparation of hazard chemical materials (83)
· Development status and countermeasures of China's science and technology think tank (107)
· Progress, trend and methods science and technology think tanks (130)
· Generation and propagation of think tank influence: An information-solution chain based perspective (83)
· New mode for scientific information analysis in the big data era (113)
· Construction of think tanks for Chinese characteristic environment and development in the new era (59)
· Framework of the evaluation model resilient cities (157)
· Shared product management based on full life cycle (93)
· Pollution characteristics and control measures of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance genes in the aquatic environment (202)
· Effects of industrial structure adjustment on air pollutant emission in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region——Based on the impulse response function of VAR model (57)
· Research progress on ambient particulate matter pollution and carcinogenesis in China (95)
· Atmospheric ozone: Natural distribution, formation potential and effects on health: A review (111)
· The biological effects and health impacts of ionizing radiation (109)
· Reflections on the exploitation and utilization of marine renewable energy under the background of ocean power (134)
· Research progrecs for disastrous waves in China (171)
· Characteristics and evolution of tidal flat profile (121)
· Application of cloud computing for marine environmental information (67)
· Marine information planning (132)
· Construction and planning of national marine information communication network (95)
· The research on Digital Ocean Engineering of China (102)
· The sediment-carrying capability in offshore area (66)
Spescial Issues [More]
· The development trend of virtual reality and augmented reality technology based on holographic optics (634)
· 3D display technology for augmented reality based on integral imaging-A review (279)
· Vision-based virtual reality and augmented reality fusion technology (362)
· Optical measurement of AR/VR virtual display and development of IEC Standards (428)
· Image aesthetic quality assessment: A survey (512)
· VR as an adjuvant tool in ASD therapy (312)
· VR/AR application innovation and trend in cultural tourism and film (418)
· The characteristics and content design method of VR panoramic interactive media (114)
· Artificial intelligence is a new driving force for film and television industry (228)
· Complexity of beam-halo chaos, the control methods and applications (131)
· Theoretical studies of signed social networks based on null models (96)
· The relationship between user motivations and behaviors of SNS based on neural network (152)
· The brain age prediction based on the power spectrum entropy feature extraction (364)
· Study on chaotic dynamics of a duopoly Stackelberg game with delayed strategies (102)
· Analysis of scientific literature database from a perspective of complex network (292)
· Histone modification dynamics during mouse pre-implantation development (437)
· A new cancer immunotherapy based on cholesterol metabolism modulation (241)
· Pediatric cataract therapy with endogenous stem cells-mediated lens regeneration (159)