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Exclusive  [More]
· (112)
· Research progress of microfluidic technology based on surface acoustic waves (323)
· Optofluidic sensors and their applications (270)
· Microfluidics based cell manipulation: Methods and applications (312)
· Microfluidic chips for single-cell trapping (308)
· Microflow synthesis and preparation of hazard chemical materials (99)
· Development status and countermeasures of China's science and technology think tank (139)
· Progress, trend and methods science and technology think tanks (150)
· Generation and propagation of think tank influence: An information-solution chain based perspective (104)
· New mode for scientific information analysis in the big data era (157)
· Construction of think tanks for Chinese characteristic environment and development in the new era (107)
· Framework of the evaluation model resilient cities (229)
· Shared product management based on full life cycle (139)
· Pollution characteristics and control measures of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance genes in the aquatic environment (293)
· Effects of industrial structure adjustment on air pollutant emission in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region——Based on the impulse response function of VAR model (72)
· Research progress on ambient particulate matter pollution and carcinogenesis in China (131)
· Atmospheric ozone: Natural distribution, formation potential and effects on health: A review (170)
· The biological effects and health impacts of ionizing radiation (159)
· Reflections on the exploitation and utilization of marine renewable energy under the background of ocean power (180)
· Research progrecs for disastrous waves in China (206)
· Characteristics and evolution of tidal flat profile (144)
· Application of cloud computing for marine environmental information (87)
· Marine information planning (208)
· Construction and planning of national marine information communication network (115)
· The research on Digital Ocean Engineering of China (122)
· The sediment-carrying capability in offshore area (75)
Spescial Issues [More]
· The development trend of virtual reality and augmented reality technology based on holographic optics (782)
· 3D display technology for augmented reality based on integral imaging-A review (314)
· Vision-based virtual reality and augmented reality fusion technology (430)
· Optical measurement of AR/VR virtual display and development of IEC Standards (627)
· Image aesthetic quality assessment: A survey (661)
· VR as an adjuvant tool in ASD therapy (444)
· VR/AR application innovation and trend in cultural tourism and film (530)
· The characteristics and content design method of VR panoramic interactive media (135)
· Artificial intelligence is a new driving force for film and television industry (259)
· Complexity of beam-halo chaos, the control methods and applications (139)
· Theoretical studies of signed social networks based on null models (117)
· The relationship between user motivations and behaviors of SNS based on neural network (177)
· The brain age prediction based on the power spectrum entropy feature extraction (555)
· Study on chaotic dynamics of a duopoly Stackelberg game with delayed strategies (128)
· Analysis of scientific literature database from a perspective of complex network (415)
· Histone modification dynamics during mouse pre-implantation development (583)
· A new cancer immunotherapy based on cholesterol metabolism modulation (275)
· Pediatric cataract therapy with endogenous stem cells-mediated lens regeneration (191)
· The origin of human V(D)J recombination mechanism (236)
· Autistic-like behaviors by MECP2 transgenic monkeys and germline transmission (122)
· The molecular basis of Ebola virus entry into host cells (369)
· Laser cooling and manipulating atoms: Principles and applications (369)
· Progress in optogenetics (321)
· Development progress of visible light communication technology (283)
· Research progress of sodium guide star laser for adaptive optics (195)
· The management and the experience of the DARPA technology innovation (374)
Focus [More]
· (30)
· Frontiers and challenges of artificial enzyme and directed evolution (118)
· (45)
· (36)
· (37)
· (56)
· One generation material, one generation aircraft (54)
· The “knowledge” and “action” for microbiological investigation in a new era (54)
· Synthetic radiation-driven mineral resources biometallurgy (33)
· Corrosion and protection of marine environment (52)
· Inheritance, challenge and countermeasure of scientific spirit (59)
· Developing functional agriculture to solve “Hidden Hunger” problem (182)
· Sociological theoretical dimension analysis on dipute over construction of super collider construction in China (86)
· On design science (126)
· The development of hydrogen energy in China (917)
· The ins and outs of US military “multi-domain battle” (530)
· Big data-driven smart city:Some thoughts (247)
· Mode of industry-university-institute cooperation in the United States, Japan, Germany and their enlightenment (141)
· Quantum key distribution and unhackable communication (151)
· New oasis (2)——Application cases of deserticulture theory (43)
· The US policies for promoting technology transfer (268)
· (444)
· Test method of ecological hypothesis' decisive experiment (222)
· Einstein in 1996: from gravitational waves to quantum theory of electromagnetic radiation (211)
· The development of emerging satellite internet constellations (1413)
· Biosafety issue on researches and applications of Synthetic Biology (1453)
Articles  [More]
· Variations of thermospheric density during equinox and solstice (65)
· Device of travelling surface acoustic wave and its application in the field of micro-nano scales (231)
· Correction of sweep coefficient for the porous carbonate reservoirs in the Middle East with consideration of start-up pressure gradient in low permeability points (73)
· A large scale social networking community detection prototype system based on Spark (125)
· A study on time-spatial differentiationof the city's driving force of science and technology in Zhejiang (45)
· Intelligent construction and safe management of high filling airports in mountains (134)
· The framework of agricultural technology system adaptive to climate change in Northeast China (92)
· Micro-/nanomotors for biomedicine applications (328)
· Flood control strategies of Jingjiang and Jianghan-Dongting areas in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River (103)
· Differential proteomics analysis of the embryo in sorghum-sudangrass hybrid and its parents (178)
· Ultra high speed digital image correlation system and its application in blasting research (218)
· Influence of fracture pressure depletion on transient inter-porosity flow characteristic between matrix and fracture in tight oil reservoir (86)
· Evolution model and risk analysis of urban haze disaster chain (114)
· Vibration displacement measurement of flexible manipulator using machine vision (195)
· An intelligent visualization platform for biohazard incidents based on Cesium (136)
· The system construction of safety information science (90)
· The present situation in Dongting Lake Basin after the operation of Three Gorges Project and its influencing factor of drinking water safety (104)
· High precision contact angle algorithms for ultra hydrophilic film surface (214)
· Effect of inorganic salts on photosensitization and degradation of tetracycline by photocatalysis using Bi2WO6 as the catalyst (161)
· Life cycle assessment and environmental management:Methodology, limitations, and technical progress (420)
· Forest fire weather forecasting with coupled vegetation and T639 model (107)
· Method of interest points prediction based on customer web temporal behavior trajectory (193)
· System engineering research method for equipment maintenance task allocation and scheduling in wartime (214)
· Fabrication and patterning of graphene oxide ink with direct ink writing (296)
· Analysis and validation of basic characteristics of intelligent products in the field of intelligent manufacturing (292)
· Smart devices battery life technology trends (224)
Reviews [More]
· Application of standing surface acoustic wave in the field of microfluidics (92)
· Development trend and hotspot analysis of middle and upper atmospheric density researches (52)
· Review on catalytic effects of redox mediator in anaerobic degradation of pollutants (76)
· Challenges and technical prospects of dry-hot rock drilling and completion (112)
· “Star” pollutants in environmental science research and their recent situation (202)
· An overview and the practical application of the biological intelligence algorithms in intelligence control (101)
· Advances in shear mechanical properties of grouting-reinforced bodies for fractured rock (144)
· On patent application of animal testing methods (32)
· An overview of virtual testing technology for unmanned ground vehicles (273)
· The development status and prospect of augmented reality hardware industry (274)
· Development and change of research and market in the field of genetically modified mouse in China in recent 20 years (142)
· Research progress and key problems of rainfall slope experiment (120)
· Design of new perovskite-type oxide ferroelectric materials within data science paradigm (160)
· Nanocellulose paper fabrication and application in green electronics: A review (87)
· Pfizer Award in Enzyme Chemistry and enzymology development (81)
· Progress of the marine meteorological observation technologies (245)
· Circadian rhythms of honey bees (93)
· FOXP3+ Treg cells and immune cell therapy (300)
· The development status and prospect of virtual reality hardware industry (220)
· Research progress on microstructure characterization of pore throat for tight oil reservoirs (106)
· Review of technological hot spots of unmanned aerial vehicle in 2018 (561)
· Review of hot points of urban design research and practice in 2018 (126)
· Supercapattery and its fundamental research in 2018 (253)
· Research progress of microorganism intensification technology for rural domestic sewage treatment (158)
· Research progress of lacustrine beach-bars (66)
· Ordovician tectonic evolution and sedimentary response in the Helanshan-Zhuozishan Mountains and the peripheral regions, western North China: A review (124)

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