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Exclusive  [More]
· (37)
· (25)
· Probing mysterious summer rainfall variations in China: El Niño's last echo (54)
· Top advances of science, technology and engineering from China in 2016 (143)
· (174)
· Removal of pathogenic microorganisms in water with nanomaterials: A review (74)
· Modification of TiO2 nanomaterials and their application in photocatalytic degradation of VOCs in indoor air (91)
· Removal of triclosan in water with nanoscale zero-valent ironbased Fenton-like system (45)
· Feasibility of removing engineered nanoparticles by hollow fiber UF/MF membrane: Case of polystyrene nanoparticles (40)
· Study on the preparation of nanoscale Fe/Ni bimetal and its reduction of 2,4-dichlorophenol from aqueous solution (35)
· Meaning and progresses of studies on bioavailability of organic contaminants in soil (111)
· Methods and application of immobilized microorganism in PVA (48)
· Analysis of the space-time characteristics and causes of the atmospheric pollution in Shandong Province (56)
· Recent progress on antibody-based resistance against Fusarium head blight pathogens in wheat (125)
· Fusarium head blight in wheat: From phenotyping to resistance improvement (80)
· Developing of molecular marker for pre-harvest sprouting resistance and its application in wheat MAS breeding (90)
· Review on metabolism and regulation of non-structural carbohydrates in wheat stem (123)
· Correlation analysis of four physiological indices with droughttolerance during wheat seedlings stage (50)
· Metamaterials to build the future (403)
· (390)
· On the whole biomass agriculture (83)
· (101)
· (450)
· New energy vehicle research and development in China (260)
· (196)
· Top advances of science, technology and engineering from China in 2015 (79)
Spescial Issues [More]
· Printed electronics:Past, present and future (10)
· Additive manufacturing:Printed electronics and 3D printing technologies (15)
· Preparation of graphene-based inks and their applications to printed electronics:A review (8)
· Current status, opportunities, and challenges of organic thin-film transistors (19)
· Progress of researches on transfer rate & influence factors of conductive ink (2)
· Paper battery and its application (4)
· Printed flexible in-plane supercapacitor electrode and its properties (9)
· Progress on organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite light emitting diodes (3)
· Fabrication of stretchable circuit with high resolution linewidth and complex pattern via printing method on silicone substrate (7)
· Military applications of modern lighter-than-air vehicles (21)
· Design of a new aerosol generator for filtered containment venting system and its performance (19)
· Applicability study of siting regulations and standards for high temperature gas-cooled reactor cogeneration project (10)
· Recent advances in treatment of spent radioactive ion exchange resins by wet air oxidation (27)
· Reproduction of ETEX-1 test by multiscale diffusion model (17)
· An oceanic environment radiation consequence analysis system for nuclear power plants (14)
· Methods of data assimilation for environmental atmosphere and their applications (155)
· Progress, problems and suggestions of China's Nuclear Safety Legislation (23)
· Current state and development of monitoring system safety and integrity for BeiDou Satellite Navigation System (60)
· Development and clinical application of the orthopaedic surgical robot (156)
· Some scientific problems in the study of the formation and the evolution of the Tibet Plateau (74)
· Salt-forming periods in the Qaidam Basin and their correlation with Quaternary glaciations and tectonic movements on the Tibetan Plateau (79)
· Phased uplift of the Tibetan Plateau (187)
· Geological features, the formation and the evolution of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau (149)
· Sedimentary property and the geological significance of travertines in Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau (55)
· Lake sediments and environmental changes on the Tibetan Plateau (73)
· Research progresses on magnetostratigraphy of saline lake deposit in Qaidam Basin (57)
Focus [More]
· New oasis (2)——Application cases of deserticulture theory (5)
· The US policies for promoting technology transfer (84)
· (369)
· Test method of ecological hypothesis' decisive experiment (136)
· Einstein in 1996: from gravitational waves to quantum theory of electromagnetic radiation (98)
· The development of emerging satellite internet constellations (609)
· Biosafety issue on researches and applications of Synthetic Biology (572)
· Comparative analysis of railway energy consumption between China and other countries (234)
· Local dynamics of social balance in the triangle-growing networks (43)
· (75)
· Security challenges for the mobile crowdsensing network (670)
· A survey of airworthiness system of EASA CS-E (249)
· Historical evolution, incompatibility arguments and suggestions on “eighteen incompatible medicaments” (239)
· On critera for identification of adaptation to climate change (84)
· Industrialization of biochar from biomass pyrolysis:A new option for straw burning ban and green agriculture of China (270)
· Construction of a micro positioning navigation and timing system: A change of the pattern of PNT service (638)
· Reflections on earth science development trend: Geodynamics and formation mechanism of superlarge mineral deposits (71)
· Progress on Three Gorges Reservoir research: From a bibliometrics perspective (318)
· An analysis of uncited papers in spectroscopy: From the perspectives of country, institution and topic distributions (180)
· The utilization of urban underground space in Singapore and the lesson that could be learned by China (667)
· Progress pattern of university science popularization:A pattern analysis based on current China's national condition (182)
· Citation Analysis of SCI-covered Journals by Mainland China and Hong Kong Area in 2013 (199)
· Features of the Ecological Governance Activity of WWF as Seen from Its Yangtze River Program (124)
· Energy Consumption Changes and Energy Saving Effect of China’s Power Industry (121)
· An Analysis of the Transition to Resilient and Disaggregated Military Space Architectures of the US (890)
· CERN Promote the Wide International Collaboration for Building a Huge Future Circular Collider (142)
Articles  [More]
· Grading unmanned ground vehicles in terms of intelligence (13)
· Progresses of studies on Mars salts (9)
· The suitability of meningococcal groups ACYW135 polysaccharide vaccine for human peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) in vitro pyrogen test (1)
· A review on the recognition of mid-air gestures (28)
· Determination of river cross section for 1-D water quality model in area without observation data (59)
· Implementation of “internet + big data” for cares of the aged (27)
· TRIZ encounters with nanophotonics:Evolutionary trend to super system as an example (18)
· Application of key technology changing bag filter to electrostatic precipitator in ultra-low emission upgrading projects of coal-fired power plants (20)
· System and software platform of oil seismic exploration in big data era (79)
· Progress and prospect in supercritical adsorption of shale gas (45)
· Application of relevance vector machine to earthquake-induced landslide susceptibility assessment (32)
· On gravel soil slope stability and support modes against rainfall and earthquake (24)
· Output characteristics of the main sedimentary geothermal reservoirs in the eastern part of China and suggestions on geothermal exploitation and utilization (38)
· Development and advantages of the international standardization for bamboo in China (39)
· Key topics and measures for perception, decision-making and control of intelligent electric vehicles (79)
· The discrete numerical model and transient pressure curves of fractured-vuggy units in carbonate reservoir (25)
· Current situation of immuno-oncology development (60)
· Bioassays of biochemical drugs and their alternatives (15)
· Progress in blockchain application research (92)
· Application research progress of digital speckle correlation method in architectural mechanics analysis: A review (34)
· Study on environmental influence of PG cemented backfilling and utilization of full phosphorus slag (18)
· Effects of HIP process on microstructure and mechanical properties of micro-porosity in ZL114A alloy (13)
· Ecosystem development and biodiversity of Tibetan Plateau (40)
· Bio-ecological resources of saline lakes in Tibet and their economic prospect (25)
· Halophilic microoganisms in salt lakes on Tibet Plateau and their potential application (32)
· Eukaryotic pico-and nano-plankton community in Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau saline lakes (32)
Reviews [More]
· An analysis on global drug development status of rheumatoid arthritis (124)
· A review on regulation of Rev-erbs in energy homeostasis and research prospect in sports science (81)
· Computational and data management based on Material Genome Initiative (168)
· A review of achievements in small quadrotor autonomous flight control based on visual servoing (127)
· Intelligent remanufacturing engineering system (309)
· Technological bottleneck of virtual reality (695)
· Intelligent health system development strategy for the livelihood of technology (120)
· Preparation and progress of active carbon for canister (159)
· Comparison of typical remote sensing drought indexes and their adaptability in agriculture (257)
· Research progress of left ventricular function in metabolic syndrome (142)
· Recent progress of biological imaging based on noble nanomaterials (417)
· Copper corrosion behavior in the disposal of highly radioactive nuclear waste (276)
· Review of experimental researches on concrete beams shear-strengthened with fiber reinforced polymer (113)
· Research progress of blast-resistant performance of reinforced concrete beams under blast loads and reinforcement technology (123)
· LA-ICP-MS zircon U-Pb dating of the rhyolite from the Zhonglü Group, northwestern Zhejiang Province, and its chronostratigraphic significance (64)
· Sedimentary environments and sandbody distribution in member 2 of Permian Shanxi formation in mid-eastern Ordos Basin (21)
· Reservoir control of contemporaneous faults in Qihuan Area of Western Slope in the western depression of Liaohe River Rifted Basin (42)
· Karst development and reservoir characterization of Lower Cambrian Shilongdong Formation in Western Hunan-Hubei area (24)
· Biomarker characteristics and oil-source correlation of the Yanchang crude oil in Fuxian area, Ordos Basin (41)
· Geological condition evaluation for establishing gas storage in Pingdingshan salt cavern (45)
· Formation, sedimentary characteristics and natural gas enrichment control factors in the 3rd member of Xujiahe formation in Yuanba area (18)
· Effect of nonlinear percolation on recovery factor of low permeability gas reservoirs (54)
· Productivity model of fractured gas well considering stress sensitivity in low permeability gas reservoirs (124)
· Characterization and performance evaluation for nano/micron-sized polymer particles flooding agent (81)
· Influencing factors for particles settling velocity in vertical pipes (160)
· A crossing criterion of hydraulic fracture in shale gas reservoir with consideration of stress interference (144)

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