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Exclusive  [More]
· Top advances of science, technology and engineering from China in 2017 (67)
· On Xi Jinping's thoughts on S&T and innovation (101)
· (51)
· (51)
· Probing mysterious summer rainfall variations in China: El Niño's last echo (82)
· Top advances of science, technology and engineering from China in 2016 (191)
· (193)
· Removal of pathogenic microorganisms in water with nanomaterials: A review (106)
· Modification of TiO2 nanomaterials and their application in photocatalytic degradation of VOCs in indoor air (125)
· Removal of triclosan in water with nanoscale zero-valent ironbased Fenton-like system (65)
· Feasibility of removing engineered nanoparticles by hollow fiber UF/MF membrane: Case of polystyrene nanoparticles (65)
· Study on the preparation of nanoscale Fe/Ni bimetal and its reduction of 2,4-dichlorophenol from aqueous solution (52)
· Meaning and progresses of studies on bioavailability of organic contaminants in soil (300)
· Methods and application of immobilized microorganism in PVA (94)
· Analysis of the space-time characteristics and causes of the atmospheric pollution in Shandong Province (76)
· Recent progress on antibody-based resistance against Fusarium head blight pathogens in wheat (142)
· Fusarium head blight in wheat: From phenotyping to resistance improvement (132)
· Developing of molecular marker for pre-harvest sprouting resistance and its application in wheat MAS breeding (139)
· Review on metabolism and regulation of non-structural carbohydrates in wheat stem (158)
· Correlation analysis of four physiological indices with droughttolerance during wheat seedlings stage (70)
· Metamaterials to build the future (430)
· (571)
· On the whole biomass agriculture (112)
· (118)
· (558)
· New energy vehicle research and development in China (320)
Spescial Issues [More]
· Histone modification dynamics during mouse pre-implantation development (8)
· A new cancer immunotherapy based on cholesterol metabolism modulation (11)
· Pediatric cataract therapy with endogenous stem cells-mediated lens regeneration (10)
· The origin of human V(D)J recombination mechanism (10)
· Autistic-like behaviors by MECP2 transgenic monkeys and germline transmission (12)
· The molecular basis of Ebola virus entry into host cells (9)
· Laser cooling and manipulating atoms: Principles and applications (19)
· Progress in optogenetics (24)
· Development progress of visible light communication technology (23)
· Research progress of sodium guide star laser for adaptive optics (25)
· The management and the experience of the DARPA technology innovation (100)
· The improvement of the national security science and technology support system in the New Era as implicated by DARPA (87)
· DARPA and innovations (57)
· The success and the challenge of DARPA's technological innovation (61)
· The way how DARPA takes the leadership in national defense science and technology innovation (55)
· Analysis of DARPA challenge mode in continuously promoting scientific and technological innovation (43)
· Bibliometric analysis of DARPA funding papers (47)
· Analysis of the deployment of biotechnology projects of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (56)
· The cooperation is the only way towards innovation of the national defense science and technology (32)
· Distributed lethality is an important factor in the development of maritime warfare (61)
· Research on the geo-environment in the era of big data (35)
· Research framework of border geography from the perspective of geo-economics (36)
· Construction of a geopolitical environment simulation and prediction platform coupling multi-source geopolitical environment factors (22)
· Analysis on tempo-spatial evolution of terrorist attacks in Indochina Peninsula (35)
· Intelligent recognition of risk levels of geopolitical system for South Asia (21)
· Spatial and temporal pattern changes of rice production in Southeast Asian (26)
Focus [More]
· Developing functional agriculture to solve “Hidden Hunger” problem (34)
· Sociological theoretical dimension analysis on dipute over construction of super collider construction in China (35)
· On design science (51)
· The development of hydrogen energy in China (92)
· The ins and outs of US military “multi-domain battle” (86)
· Big data-driven smart city:Some thoughts (94)
· Mode of industry-university-institute cooperation in the United States, Japan, Germany and their enlightenment (54)
· Quantum key distribution and unhackable communication (39)
· New oasis (2)——Application cases of deserticulture theory (20)
· The US policies for promoting technology transfer (127)
· (386)
· Test method of ecological hypothesis' decisive experiment (150)
· Einstein in 1996: from gravitational waves to quantum theory of electromagnetic radiation (128)
· The development of emerging satellite internet constellations (731)
· Biosafety issue on researches and applications of Synthetic Biology (717)
· Comparative analysis of railway energy consumption between China and other countries (262)
· Local dynamics of social balance in the triangle-growing networks (68)
· (92)
· Security challenges for the mobile crowdsensing network (760)
· A survey of airworthiness system of EASA CS-E (275)
· Historical evolution, incompatibility arguments and suggestions on “eighteen incompatible medicaments” (257)
· On critera for identification of adaptation to climate change (104)
· Industrialization of biochar from biomass pyrolysis:A new option for straw burning ban and green agriculture of China (324)
· Construction of a micro positioning navigation and timing system: A change of the pattern of PNT service (765)
· Reflections on earth science development trend: Geodynamics and formation mechanism of superlarge mineral deposits (94)
· Progress on Three Gorges Reservoir research: From a bibliometrics perspective (369)
Articles  [More]
· Method of interest points prediction based on customer web temporal behavior trajectory (25)
· System engineering research method for equipment maintenance task allocation and scheduling in wartime (13)
· Fabrication and patterning of graphene oxide ink with direct ink writing (12)
· Analysis and validation of basic characteristics of intelligent products in the field of intelligent manufacturing (19)
· Smart devices battery life technology trends (18)
· Evaluations of node importance of urban road network based on transmission contribution matrix (12)
· Influence of compaction degree and moisture on frost heaving properties of gravel soil in seasonally frozen region of Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau (11)
· Qualified and unqualified Homo sapiens: Perspective of fiction as a behavioral marker (27)
· Retrieval algorithm and results from the COSMIC tiny ionospheric photometer measurement (10)
· Acoustic properties of multi-type natural gas hydrate-bearing sediments (22)
· Electric vehicle lane keeping assistance system based on active torque distribution (34)
· Riparian vegetation diversity and its influencing factors of Huaijiu River in Beijing (76)
· A neural network for short term load forecasting based on Sample self adapted of load characteristics clustering (58)
· Simulation research on dynamic response of plates with different stiffeners under explosion loading (53)
· Synthesis of dimethyl carbonate induced by electrode activated carbon (58)
· Copper manganese oxides for formaldehyde catalytic oxidation at low temperature (51)
· Studies on effects of magnetic-mediated hyperthermia with Aidi injection on Daudi cells in vitro (26)
· Construction and characterization of spiro[indoline-3,3'-pyrrolizin]-2-one skeleton (27)
· A supply chain prototype system based on blockchain, smart contract and Internet of Things (281)
· Preparation of the magnetotactic wood through the biomimetic mineralization for application in electromagnetic wave absorption (54)
· A group behavior decision model based on emotional factors (60)
· Regulation for imported solid waste in China (72)
· AlphaGo's breakthrough and challenges of wargaming (194)
· Recommendation method for electric vehicle charging based on collaborative filtering (76)
· An analytical system for nonstationary typhoon-bridge (35)
· Retrieval of surface vegetation biomass information and analysis of vegetation feature based on Sentinel-2A in the upper of Minjiang River (62)
Reviews [More]
· Current status and prospects of electrochemical migration research (12)
· Basic issues of safety information science (13)
· Development of implantable silicon neural microelectrodes (11)
· Offshore CO2 flooding projects and the potential evaluation in Woffshore oilfield (28)
· Research progress on the stability of Pickering emulsion (32)
· Overview of foreign military UAVs'equipment and technology development (53)
· Implementation status and gap analysis of China's carbon dioxide capture, utilization and geological storage technology roadmap (2011 edition) (67)
· Research progress of prevention and control technology of hydrogen sulfide in coal mines (21)
· Pilot-scale study on treatment of petrochemical wastewater by hydrolysis-acidification with pulse water allocation and anoxic/oxic processes and analysis of microbial community (32)
· The principle and development of quantum computation (261)
· Flexible electronics technology for precision medicine (145)
· From biowaste treatment to novel bio-material manufacturing:Biomaterial science and technology based on biomass pyrolysis (133)
· Analysis and enlightenment from Thermal discharges and their ecological impacts of American nuclear power plants in coastal regions (61)
· Recent advances in immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography (91)
· New development of modeling and autonomous control for hypersonic vehicle (76)
· Key technology and development trend of phase change cooling garment (83)
· A review of plutonium aerosol research in some American national laboratories (65)
· Researches on the gene clusters of amphotericin B and its combinatorial biology (66)
· 50 Year's progress since the pulsar discovery and the detection of gravitational waves (106)
· An analysis on global drug development status of rheumatoid arthritis (190)
· A review on regulation of Rev-erbs in energy homeostasis and research prospect in sports science (98)
· Computational and data management based on Material Genome Initiative (327)
· A review of achievements in small quadrotor autonomous flight control based on visual servoing (215)
· Intelligent remanufacturing engineering system (364)
· Technological bottleneck of virtual reality (748)
· Intelligent health system development strategy for the livelihood of technology (138)

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