Numerical Simulation of Hydrate Slurry Flow Based on Orthogonal Design

  • JIANG Guoye ,
  • WANG Xiaoya ,
  • SUN Peng
  • Airport College, Civil Aviation University of China, Tianjin 300300, China

Received date: 2013-10-21

  Revised date: 2014-03-03

  Online published: 2014-05-19


The pressure drop of the hydrate slurry in a pipeline is mainly related to the following factors: The velocity of hydrate slurry, the size of the solid phase and the volume fraction of the hydrate. In order to study the characteristics of hydrate slurry transportation in the vertical pipeline, the three parameters are chosen as the design factors and the pressure drop as the evaluation index in the orthogonal test. The numerical simulation reveals that the velocity of the hydrate slurry has the greatest effect on the pressure drop, while the influence of the solid phase takes in the second place and the volume fraction of the hydrate the least. At last, a more favorable delivery scheme is proposed based on the analysis above.

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JIANG Guoye , WANG Xiaoya , SUN Peng . Numerical Simulation of Hydrate Slurry Flow Based on Orthogonal Design[J]. Science & Technology Review, 2014 , 32(13) : 23 -27 . DOI: 10.3981/j.issn.1000-7857.2014.13.003


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