Integrated Coal Mine Fire District Detecting Method Based on Transient Electromagnetic Method

  • ZHU Hongqing ,
  • YANG Chengyi ,
  • QIN Xiaofeng ,
  • HE Chaonan
  • 1. State Key Laboratory of Coal Resources and Safe Mining, China University of Mining and Technology, Beijing 100083, China;
    2. School of Resource and Safety Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology, Beijing 100083, China

Received date: 2014-04-23

  Revised date: 2014-06-28

  Online published: 2014-09-16


Conventional detection technologies for fire areas in integrated coal mines are time-consuming with large volumes of work, and it is difficult to directly locate the fire areas. To improve the technology, the transient electromagnetic method was applied in detecting fire zone distribution. Taking the Beizu Mine for example, this study used the TEM to conduct advanced detection and profile detection of the overlying coal bed of 9209 roadway under the condition of full space in the coal mine. Combined with geological data and conditions at the site, the advanced and section map of apparent resistivity was obtained by inversion calculation. According to the characteristics of response of the overlying coal bed, the natural fire areas were located by qualitative analysis. Practical application shows that the detection method based on transient electromagnetic method is able to locate the distribution of fire areas accurately, providing scientific basis for mine fire prevention, such as drilling exploration and grouting leakage stoppage, significantly improving project efficiency and effects.

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ZHU Hongqing , YANG Chengyi , QIN Xiaofeng , HE Chaonan . Integrated Coal Mine Fire District Detecting Method Based on Transient Electromagnetic Method[J]. Science & Technology Review, 2014 , 32(25) : 15 -19 . DOI: 10.3981/j.issn.1000-7857.2014.25.001


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