Imaging of Liver Biopsy Cells with Full-field Optical Coherence Tomography

  • ZHU Yue ,
  • GAO Wanrong
  • School of Electronic and Optical Engineering, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Nanjing 210094, China

Received date: 2014-09-26

  Revised date: 2014-11-03

  Online published: 2014-12-17


Aninterference microscope for ultrahigh-resolution full-field optical coherence tomography (FFOCT) system was developed for imaging of biological media. The experimental setup is based on a Linnik-type interferometer illuminated by a low coherence tungsten halogen lamp and equipped with high numerical aperture microscope objectives. The theoretical resolution of the system is 0.7 μm×0.7 μm(lateral× axial). En-face tomographic images were obtained by a combination of interferometric images recorded by a smart CCD camera and 3-step phase-shifting algorithm. Previous studies usually used 4-step phase-shifting algorithm with less speed of shifting the phase. Three-dimensional images can then be generated from these tomographic images. Compared with fluorescence labeling image, FFOCT has advantages of low cost, no damage, and ultrahighresolution. En-face images of onion surface cellsand liver biopsy tissue cells showed the excellent performance of the system for generating en-face images of biological tissues. Our system is characterized by its high resolution, low cost and simple arrangement for adjustment, providing a practical method for FFOCT imaging.

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ZHU Yue , GAO Wanrong . Imaging of Liver Biopsy Cells with Full-field Optical Coherence Tomography[J]. Science & Technology Review, 2014 , 32(34) : 33 -36 . DOI: 10.3981/j.issn.1000-7857.2014.34.003


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