Overview of foreign military UAVs'equipment and technology development

  • CHENG Long ,
  • LUO Lie ,
  • CHAI Jianzhong
  • 1. Key Laboratory of Complex Air System Simulation, Beijing 100076, China;
    2. The First Aircraft Institute of AVIC, Xi'an 710089, China

Received date: 2018-01-18

  Revised date: 2018-01-28

  Online published: 2018-03-08


This paper systematically reviews the 2017 foreign military UAV's development hotspots with respect to new types, upgrades and modifications, mission systems and innovation technologies. One sees several trends of the UAVs' development this year, including the diversified mission requirements for new kinds of UAVs, the significant progresses of new UAV systems' development and modification, the critical new advanced airborne systems for the improvements of UAV's effectiveness, and the subversive technologies for UAVs' new applications. All these developments and progresses are in the pace with the improvements based on the artificial intelligence (or AI), the unmanned swarm control, and hypersonic technologies. The UAVs will be more and more integrated into the existing equipment system, and bring about new battle modes and concepts.

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CHENG Long , LUO Lie , CHAI Jianzhong . Overview of foreign military UAVs'equipment and technology development[J]. Science & Technology Review, 2018 , 36(4) : 69 -84 . DOI: 10.3981/j.issn.1000-7857.2018.04.012


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