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  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    LIU Chengkun, ZHANG Junhong
    Science & Technology Review. 2019, 37(23): 57-60.
    The paper overviews Macao's development of innovative technology in the 20 years since it returned to China, and evaluates the ability ranking of innovative technology of Macao in the global city system and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area based on the evaluation index system. The study discovers that there is still significant room for Macao to improve its development ranking of innovative technology. The current problem lies in the insufficiency of industrialization of technology, which is mainly caused by the insufficiency of achievement conversion function of scientific research platform, lack of enterprises with innovation ability, low proportion of R&D with respect to GDP, and lack of profession institutions with science and technology management function. This paper puts forward the countermeasures to promote the development of innovative technology and industry of Macao, such as combining with the construction of international technology innovation center in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, focusing on innovative technology, strengthening scientific research platform function, cultivation and introduction of scientific research talents, stimulating innovation vitality with financial market, setting technology innovation bureau to coordinate the development of innovative technology and industrialization, and expanding the fields of innovative technology.
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    WEI Lixin
    Science & Technology Review. 2019, 37(23): 61-65.
    The government of Macao Special Administrative Region has launched the youth entrepreneurship assistance program to support the development of innovation and entrepreneurship in Macao for six years. Based on the analysis of the process of Macao's youth entrepreneurship and taking the Macao Youth Entrepreneurship Incubation Center established in 2015 as an example, this paper discusses how to optimize the Macao's entrepreneurship incubation system and looks into development prospects of youth entrepreneurship in the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    LEI Zhen, LI Bo, WANG Jue
    Science & Technology Review. 2019, 37(23): 66-71.
    Macao's economic development is facing multiple opportunities and challenges. This paper discusses the necessity of the development of Macao's science and technology industry, the existing problems in the development of Macao's science and technology industry, and the characteristics of the new material industry. Taking Zhuhai Nakin Technology Co., Ltd. as an example, it puts forward that the new material industry is an important development direction of Macao's diversification.
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    Editorial Department of Science & Technology Review
    Science & Technology Review. 2019, 37(23): 72-75.