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  • Scientific and Technological Innovation Build a New Development Paradigm
    LIU Zhongsong, CHEN Liechen, DUAN Meijuan
    Science & Technology Review. 2022, 40(11): 15-23.
    As a national strategic and basic core industry, seed industry is facing severe challenges from many aspects. In this paper we first briefly review the development course and comprehensively analyze the current situation of seed industry from three aspects: germplasm resources, breeding technology, and seed industry system. Then we discuss the existing problems, and finally we propose the future direction of crop seed industry in China. These may provide a scientific basis for the formulation of seed industry development policy.
  • Scientific and Technological Innovation Build a New Development Paradigm
    WANG Chang, ZHOU Siyuan, GENG Hongjun
    Science & Technology Review. 2022, 40(11): 24-32.
    Advanced materials are the cornerstone and precursor of the future development of high-tech industries. Precisely designing the path and policy of innovation and breakthrough for advanced materials is an inevitable requirement for China to achieve the strategic goal of manufacturing power. By analyzing the innovation experiences of advanced material technology in the US, Japan and European Union, this paper discusses the current situation and problems of advanced basic materials, critical strategic materials and frontier advanced materials industry in China. Based on these findings and the development of advanced materials, three paths are respectively designed for different types of advanced materials: 1) "competitiveness enhancement" for advanced basic materials; 2) "independent and controllable" for critical strategic materials; 3) "pre-emptive deployment" for frontier advanced materials. At last, policy suggestions are provided from aspects such as perfecting innovation system of advanced material industry, guiding innovation direction of advanced material industry, constructing advanced innovation infrastructure of advanced material industry, and constructing sustainable innovation supporting system.
  • Scientific and Technological Innovation Build a New Development Paradigm
    LIANG Huikang, DUAN Huigao
    Science & Technology Review. 2022, 40(11): 33-44.
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    Electron beam lithography plays an irreplaceable role in applications such as high precision mask manufacturing, prototype device research and development, small volume production and fundamental scientific research. So breakthrough in advanced domestic electron beam lithography system is an urgent task in the context of foreign embargo. In this review, we introduce the development process of electron beam lithography systems, list the main manufacturers and latest system parameters of three most popular kinds of system in scientific research and industry, and summarize the progress of electron beam lithography system in China. In comparison with the technical parameters of foreign electron beam lithography systems, the key issues that need to be solved in domestic development are summarized. Among them, the challenges of realizing advanced domestic Gaussian electron beam lithography system are emphatically described, including thermal field emission electron gun, high acceleration voltage, high frequency pattern generator, high precision laser interferometer detection technology, and high precision electron beam deflection compensation technology. This review may provide a technical route reference for advanced domestic electron beam lithography system.
  • Scientific and Technological Innovation Build a New Development Paradigm
    CHEN Xiaohong, LIU Feixiang, AI Yandi, XU Guanying, CHEN Jiaolong, XU Xuesong, LIANG Wei
    Science & Technology Review. 2022, 40(11): 45-54.
    Digital twins, as a breakthrough technology development, has gained a huge impetus in industrial smart manufacturing, thus continually changing the manufacturing landscape. For a comprehensive understanding of smart manufacturing in the context of industrial digital twin technology, the latest research progresses of digital twin technology in the field of smart manufacturing are briefly reviewed in this paper, which include product design, product manufacturing, and safety maintenance. Then, some basic characteristics of the key technology are analyzed from the perspective of industrial digital twin technology, such as interactivity, twinning, composability and manageability. Further, typical application scenarios of digital twining technology in manufacturing are introduced from three aspects: product design and development, operation and maintenance management, and production control. Finally, the industrial digital twin technology for smart manufacturing is summarized and prospected.
  • Scientific and Technological Innovation Build a New Development Paradigm
    OUYANG An, CUI Tao, LIN Li
    Science & Technology Review. 2022, 40(11): 55-66.
    As an intelligent upgradation of traditional agricultural machinery, intelligent agricultural machinery is an important part and material basis for the development of intelligent agriculture. In this paper we summarize the domestic and foreign intelligent agricultural machinery related policies, technology, and industrial development status. Then we analyze the challenges in terms of core technology, common basic standards, digital infrastructure, enterprise competitiveness, talent laws and regulations, and other aspects of China's intelligent agricultural machinery development In order to promote the high-quality development of China's agricultural machinery industry, we propose to accelerate the comprehensive strength and competitiveness of intelligent agricultural machinery equipment by accelerating key core technology research, strengthening the construction of standard detection system, increasing the appropriate mechanization and digital transformation, cultivating and developing high-quality enterprises, and creating a good ecological environment.
  • Scientific and Technological Innovation Build a New Development Paradigm
    LI Shuisheng, ZHOU Quan, HE Jun, MA Ke
    Science & Technology Review. 2022, 40(11): 67-75.
    This paper analyzes the current research hotspots and development trends, including building intelligent system, enterprise information management, BIM technology application, project green construction, etc. and puts forward corresponding suggestions from a national policy and market perspective. At present, the overall industrialization of the construction industry is at its infant stage, standards and regulations are insufficient, and production energy consumption is high. It is believed that the rise of intelligent technology can help high-quality development of construction industrialization in many aspects, such as technology improvement, cost saving and efficiency improvement.