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  • Opening and Cooperating Build a Highland for Talent
    CAO Lili, JIN Zongzhen
    Science & Technology Review. 2022, 40(11): 111-116.
    Association standardization is a major innovation in China's standardization mechanism reform and the policy system is becoming increasingly mature. The development path of association standardization has undergone the exploring development - promoting part of development-comprehensive development phases, thus rapidly responding to market and scientific and technological innovation needs, and promoting application and diffusion of new technologies and new models. At the same time, the association standardization also has its deep-seated development problems. Based on the present situation of China’s association standardization, this paper introduces some lessons from the US, Japan and other foreign standardized mechanisms. Then suggestions are put forward to association standardization governance mechanism: (1) play the role of industry management departments and China Association for Science and Technology in improving social organization and association standardization governance; (2) strengthen the government's guiding role based on the whole life cycle of association standard formulation, implementation and internationalization; (3) cultivate standardization talents and jointly develop standards to comprehensively improve association standard quality.