18 September 2013, Volume 31 Issue 26

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  • LU Fangfang;SHEN Zhenjiang
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    In this paper, the researches of the on-line Virtual Reality Model Language(VRML) collaborative design system in the field of the public participation for the urban design are reviewed, with an example of a framework for an on-line design collaboration system of the park design. In this system, the participant can make the site plan and arrange urban furniture elements on a park map according to their preference and save their design information in a server database. Anybody can access the database in order to use other participant's design information to build up a VRML world for comparisons and discussions. In our system, the VRML, Java, Javascript and JSP/ASP are used as the main development tools, so this system could be installed at a very low cost in a server site. And any participant with a computer can access this system from their home for the design collaboration through the Internet environment. We cooperated with the local government,the planners and the local residents for conducting a social experiment in the Yamanoue park of the Kanazawa city in order to verify the effectiveness of the on-line collaborative design system.
  • LI Hui;RAU Pei-luen Patrick;CHEN Cuiling;KOCH Jan
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    Synthesized voice is widely used in a human-computer system to provide recommendations for decision makers. In order to compare the influence of the synthesized voice and the natural voice as well as the explicit and implicit communication styles on decision makers of different nationalities, a decision making experiment is conducted with 24 Chinese students and 24 German students. The acceptance of recommendations, the change of confidence level, the perceived influence, the extent of trust in the recommendation provider, the satisfaction degree, and the future collaboration intention with the project are identified in the experiment. The statistical results show that compared with the natural voice, the synthesized voice significantly increases the decision maker's confidence level, but the decision makers perceive lower influence and have less future collaboration intention under the synthesized voice. Overally, the decision makers accept explicit recommendations more often than implicit recommendations and have more positive evaluations on explicit advisors than implicit advisors. For explicit recommendations, German decision makers perceive more influence than Chinese decision makers; for implicit recommendations, Chinese decision makers accept recommendations more often than German decision makers. Based on the results, the recommendations for the synthesized voice software design are made.
  • GAO Jindong;WEI Chunyan;ZHOU Yi
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    The medium inside the pipe, the buried way and depth, the geological and environmental conditions were always paid much attention in design codes of buried pipeline, with the influence of blast loads being ignored. Actually, more and more pipes containing combustible materials are buried under the ground, once one of them blows-up, the blast loads would certainly influence others. In this paper, dynamic response of buried pipeline under blast loads in shallow soil was stimulated by ANSYNS/LS-DYNA FEM, a 3D numerical simulation software with the basic theory and algorithm of nonlinear dynamics. The influence of amount of explosive charge and distance to explosion center to buried pipe were comparatively studied with three groups of simulation. The radial stresses of different directions were also studied to find the weakest point. The results showed amount of explosive charge and distance to explosion center both influenced the dynamic response of buried pipe. The larger the amount of charge and closer to explosion center, the bigger the stress of buried pipe suffered. Comparatively, the amount of explosive charge played a more important role. Radial stresses analyses also implied that the biggest stress presented on the farthest point right under the explosion center and the broken of buried pipe reflected to tensile stress.
  • GE Yumei;SHAO Shuai;PAN Hui;HU Feng
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    The anchor foundation is the main bearing structure of suspension bridges and its deformation and stability are very important issues. For the south-anchor foundation of the Taizhou Bridge,the stratum and structure model of three-dimensional is established. Using large-scale numerical software Flac3D and surcharge analysis method, the deformations of the anchor foundation with different surcharge coefficients are studied based on the assumption that the values of surcharge are changed proportionally with the cables tension. The results show that the values of numerical simulation are close to the measured values under the design value of the cable tension. The linearly increasing relationship between the maximum deformation of anchorage foundation and value of the surcharge coefficient is obtained when the surcharge coefficient is less than 3.5. The nonlinearly increasing relationship between the maximum deformation of anchorage foundation and value of the surcharge coefficient is obtained when the surcharge coefficient is greater than 3.5. When the value of the surcharge coefficient is 3.81 times of the design value of the cables tension, the maximum horizontal displacement of the anchor foundation reaches the limit value. Based on the soil plastic zone distribution range and deformation control requirements of the anchorage foundation, the numerical value of surcharge safety for the south-anchor foundation of the Taizhou suspension bridge is 3.81. The reference conclusions for the stability evaluation of the Taizhou bridge project are provided.
  • WEN Yongpeng;SHANG Huilin;DONG Qiwei;ZHENG Ying;TANG Maolin
    Science & Technology Review. 2013, 31(26): 40-43. https://doi.org/10.3981/j.issn.1000-7857.2013.26.005
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    This paper discusses the role and the importance of three parameters, that is, the flange height, the flange thickness and the comprehensive value of the flange. Based on the actural wear data of the wheel flange in some urban rail line, the effects of the three parameters on the wear of wheels of a vehicle are analysed. It is shown that this line is a typical tread wear line; the virtual thickening flange is common for the vehicles of the line, the asymmetric wear on the wheel flange can be found in the first and fourth shafts of the trailer car. Finally, some suggestions on how to improve the service life of the line are proposed. For example, the proper adjustment of the wheel-rail hardness ratio, the regular reverse operation, the adjustment of the force distribution for the trailer air braking and moter car electric braking, reducing the proportion of the air braking point velocity and other methods to reduce the wheel wear, improve the safe operation of the urban rail vehicle.
  • ZHANG Fengjun;LIU Zhaoying;LI Chenyang;TAO Yi;LÜCong
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    Some poisonous gases, like H2S, benzene and toluene, will be produced in the process of in situ shale-oil extraction. These gases may leak out through the flange interface, the pipeline breakage, the geological crack and the outer side of an abandoned well. In this study, the risk of the air environment is assessed and evaluated in the in-situ shale-oil extraction in a country of Jilin Province, China. The most credible accident consequences are calculated at the same time. It is shown that, after leakage from the flange interface or the pipeline or after rupture, H2S tends exceed the maximum allowable concentration in the workshop in the plant area. The concentration values of H2S, benzene and toluene exceed the occupation contact limiting values when the wind speed is 2m/s. The concentrations of H2S and benzene exceed the value of the immediate danger to life and the health concentration limitation. Toluene value is within the standard. H2S concentrations exceed the limit value of acute poisoning phenomenon, while those of benzene and toluene are within the standard. The plant area is mainly affected during the short time of the leakage accident occurring. According to the risk calculation and evaluation in this study, the project risk level is lower than the same industry standard. The environmental risk is acceptable. In order to minimize the probability of the accident risk and the impact on the surrounding environment, we put forward some prevention and management suggestions.
  • ZHAO Pei;XIONG Liang
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    In a burst of toxic and hazardous substance spills, the quick acquisition of the leak source information is one of the difficult issues in the analysis of production safety and accident predictions. The inverse problem of the heavy gas leak source is an important step to establish a reliable heavy gas leakage diffusion model, for the heavy gas spill control and the heavy gas leakage management. The paper discusses the source term inversion after the chlorine gas pipeline leakage and diffusion in the obstacle environment. Combining the MCMC sampling method based on the Bayes inference theory with a Chloroacetic acid production factory production plant layout and a chlorine gas diffusion prediction model, the key parameters of the leak source such as the location and the intensity, are obtained by the inverse method, and it is shown that the results of these parameters are within the range of the true values.
  • MA Shizhong;LI Rubin;LI Songyuan;PAN Zhichao
    Science & Technology Review. 2013, 31(26): 52-56. https://doi.org/10.3981/j.issn.1000-7857.2013.26.008
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    Daan area along the Nenjiang river is an important area of the Jilin oil field. The analysis of the hydrocarbon accumulation model is the basis of fine geological studies. The petroleum accumulation pattern of Putaohua reservoir in Daan area along the river is established by using the ‘source control theory’ and a comprehensive study of the static elements, including the source, the reservoir, the cap rocks, and the dynamic processes, including the generation, the expulsion, the migration, the accumulation and the dispersion. The hydrocarbon accumulation patterns and the controlling factors of the hydrocarbon accumulation in the target area are revealed through the study of the buried history of the source rocks, the paleostructural evolution history, the migration and accumulation field of the hydrocarbon, and the oil-water distribution in the Putaohua reservoir in Daan area along the Nenjiang river. It is shown that the hydrocarbon of the Putaohua reservoir is mainly derived from the underlying source rocks of the Ⅰ segment of the Qingshankou Group, in Qijia-Gulong depression of the north area. The oil is generated and exhausted from the Qingshankou Ⅰ segment, followed by the accumulation into the Putaohua reservoir which is connected by the fault to the Qingshankou Ⅰ segment, under the force of buoyancy.
  • MU Yingkun;HU Lin;KONG Weishu;DENG Xiong
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    A new method is introduced for measuring convection velocity of granule in the process of vibration, which is named seeking trails of tracer particles. The coordinates of particles can be accurately identified, and unmatched particles can be unidentified by use of color attribute assisted by minimum deformation degree of triangular, which realizes the tracking and description for moving particles in different moments and spaces. In terms of obtaining particle location coordinates, ImageJ has the characteristics of fast processing and easily amending. Moreover, it has the unique superiority compared with other identification methods.
  • HUANG Liangliang;CHEN Li
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    In order to develop a highly efficient solid catalyst system, the ionic liquid is introduced into mesoporous molecular sieves of Al-MCM-41. Under the hydrothermal condition, the mesoporous molecular sieves of Al-MCM-41 are synthesized, to prepare the supported catalyst, dipped in the ionic liquid. The product is further characterized by FT-IR, TG, N2 adsorp/desorp and elemental analyses. It is shown that the ionic liquid is grafted into the mesoporous molecular sieves of Al-MCM-41 successfully. The optimum reaction conditions are determined by the process of the orthogonal experimental design. Under the optimized reaction conditions, it is shown that when the molar ratio of benzene/olefin is 8:1, at the temperature of 200℃, with airspeed of 1.5h-1 and pressure of 3 MPa, the conversion rate of olefin and the selectivity are best. Under the optimum reaction conditions, the conversion rate of olefin with Al-MCM-41 grafted by the ionic liquid catalyst is 95.32%.
  • HUANG Jingjing;LI Chunyan;YUNUSI Kurexi;YUNUSI Ayiguli;MAIMAITI Palidan;WUBU Nuerbiya;LIU Wenxian;UFUER Hamulati
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    In order to study the relationship between the signal transduction pathway and the disorder of the neuro-endocrine-immunity network in abnormal Savda Hilit, the blood samples of the abnormal Savda Hilit group and the non-abnormal Savda Hilit group (abnormal Kan Hilit, abnormal Belhem Hilit, abnormal Safra Hilit) were collected. After separating the white blood cell and extracting the RNA, the Affymetrix gene expression microarray technology was applied to detect the gene expression of the two groups. Then the differentially expressed genes were selected and a bioinformatic analysis was made by using the CapitalBio Molecule Annotation System (MAS) to find the genes related to the signal transduction pathway. The result of chip shows that 75 genes are up-regulated in the abnormal Savda Hilit group comparing with the non-abnormal Savda Hilit group. The bioinformatic analysis shows that 12 genes are concentrated in the signal transduction pathways of the biological process, involved in the MAPK, Toll-like receptor, the Wnt signal transduction pathway. These findings indicate that the abnormal activation of the MAPK, Toll-like receptor, the Wnt signal transduction pathway may be related to the disorder of the neuro-endocrine-immunity network in the abnormal Savda Hilit group.
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  • FAN Guodong;LIU Rongli
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    The research and the development of poly(lactic acid)(PLA) inorganic particles nanocomposites in recent years are reviewed in this paper. The nanocomposites are classified into two different kinds, i.e., the PLA/layered silicate nanocomposites. Montmorllonite is among the most commonly used layered silicates for the preparation of nanocomposites, with high cation exchange capacities, surface area, and surface reactivity. It is hydrophilic in nature, and its property makes it very difficult to be dispersed into the PLA matrix. The most useful way to overcome the difficulty is to replace the interlayer cations with the quaternary ammonium or phosphonium cations, preferably with long alkyl chains. The other is the inorganic oxide nanoparticles including SiO2, TiO2, MgO and ZnO. They have surface defects and high reactivity because a layer of hydroxyl (-OH) groups from the water dissociation covers the surface of oxide nanopaticles. Moreover, they could be modified by the hydrophobicity organic agent to improve the dispersion. In general, the ways to prepare the two kinds of nanocompositions include the in situ polymerization, the blending method and the Sol-gel method. With only a little inorganic nanoparticles being dispersed into the PLA matrix, the nanocomposite will exhibit significantly improved properties compared with pure PLA, including the mechanical properties, the thermal stability, the crystallization, the biodegradability, the rheological properties and the gas barrier properties.The trend of the PLA inorganic particles nanocomposites is to add the nanoparticles to achieve certain functions.
  • PAN Yu;LI Shunxiang;FU Chaofan
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    Lacquer tree is an important economic tree of China, with significant potential values in various applications. The lacquer juices, lacquer seeds and lacquer materials can be processed so as to widely be applied to chemical industry, medicine industry, food industry, architecture industry and other fields,but the medicine industry, food industry and architecture fields remain to be explored. This paper summarizes the literature during the last 10 years regarding the resource distribution, the chemical composition, the extraction and the current situation of lacquer tree studies, with emphasis on the future applications of lacquer tree in medicine and biology fields.