25 August 2007, Volume 25 Issue 0716

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  • . 2007, 25(0716): 18-21.
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    In the present study, three fighter pilots were monitored while performing routine flight training. ECG, respiration wave, body temperature, body movement and acceleration (Gz & Gx) were continuously measured and analyzed using a small recording device strapped around the chest. The flight parameters, critical events as well as the flight path of each flight were recorded using flight parameters recorder during the real flight and analyzed at the end of flight. The instantaneous heart rate and respiration rate at any flight instant can be determined through analyzing flight parameters recorded using flight parameters recorder. Time-domain analysis and frequency-domain analysis of short-time rapid HRV are carried out in different flight phases. This study provides a technique to analyze exactly in-flight psycho-physiological parameters and to measure mental workload dynamically.
  • . 2007, 25(0716): 22-29.
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    With its cloud-penetrating capability, the microwave radiometer can provide all-weather information of ground surface, except for rainy areas. WindSat, the first polarimetric microwave radiometer in the world, can measure all of the four Stokes parameters. The third and fourth Stokes parameters, which have never been measured globally and for a long time, can be used to study Sanjiangyuan region. The types of ground, such as water, vegetation, hungriness and so on, can be easily distinquished according to all of the four Stokes parameters. Small lakes and swamps may be mistaken as bare soil or hungriness by using only vertical and horizontal polarimetric brightness temperature TV and TH. So, the identification with four parameters can eliminate errors with respect to soil moisture. In this respect, the microwave radiometer is superior in studying Sanjiangyuan, where there are various types of ground. The trends of isolines of TV, TV-TH, MPDI (MPDI=(TV-TH)/(TV+TH)) and the third Stokes parameters T3 are generally southwest-northeast for forest of conifer, plain of meadow, droughty plain, hungriness distributed from southeast to northwest. The microwave radiation changes seasonally along with melting and freezing of ice and snow, growing and decaying of vegetation. The differences between TV and T3 of forward looking and back looking show that the microwave radiation of Sanjiangyuan region is anisotropic. The anisotropy of snow and ice and lake is stronger than that of vegetation and hungriness.
  • . 2007, 25(0716): 30-33.
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    Web based big file uploading is a common problem in web applications. At present, there are few web-based big file uploading components available, and none of them supports resumption from interrupted transfers. This paper implements a new big file uploading method, which supports resumption from interrupted transfers. File blocks are read using JavaScript and ADODB.Stream, and are transferred asynchronously using XMLHttp, and then log is placed on the server when received. The transfer speed is improved greatly, and there is no limitation for file size using this method.
  • . 2007, 25(0716): 34-37.
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    In view of the limitations of the existing multidimensional qualitative data analysis methods in dealing with massive data, this paper proposes to use the flow graphs theory for the multi-dimensional qualitative data cross-classification analysis. The inter-relations between qualitative variables are expressed with graphs and the pattern related with the qualitative data is analyzed based on inference from the values of the graphs, which can overcome the difficulty in using the high-dimensional contingency tables. Examples are given.
  • . 2007, 25(0716): 38-41.
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    With six aspects used as indexes, including interface design, core technique, searching function, management, personalized design, this paper gives an evaluation of the Metalib, Multisearch, Resaerch PRO and WebfeatExpress. The result shows that the Metalib and WebfeatExpress are better than the others in technical aspects, but the use of Metalib needs more personal and material resources
  • . 2007, 25(0716): 42-48.
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    Panel data of 29 provinces in China during 1999-2005 are used to examine the relationship expressed by Environmental Kuznets Curve (EKC) between per capita income and pollution indicators in eight categories. It is found that the EKC does not assume a definite shape for all pollution indicators, and the inverted-U-shaped curve can change in a long time. The curve shape is related with pollution indicators and data types.
  • . 2007, 25(0716): 49-52.
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    According to the concept of photosynthetic potential productivity put forward by Huang Bingwei, this paper divides the wheat producing area in Shanxi province into 3 parts by Photoshop 8.0, based on the climate in Shanxi area and the geographical features and actual cropping conditions. According to different varieties, cultivation methods and ecological conditions, the paper makes several suggestions in analyzing the difference between the real output and the theoretical one It is shown that the potential of the wheat output is great in Shanxi province, and the climate factor, seeds and the environment are important for raising the output of the wheat.
  • . 2007, 25(0716): 53-56.
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    Human social system has intricate formation and structure and is in a constant evolution. This paper analyzes the process of formation and evolution of social system structure by a new universal principle called Maximal Flux Principle (MFP). A model based on MFP and Self Organization Map (SOM) Neural Networks is proposed to simulate the formation process of the Qing Dynasty. This paper also tries to find the underlying dynamics of social system evolution.
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  • . 2007, 25(0716): 57-60.
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    The issue whether astronauts can see the Great Wall with naked eyes from the lower orbit round the Earth has been in dispute and focus. The major arguments include how human eyes work in principle. In this paper, military technical theories about human eyes and related formulas published both at home and abroad are analyzed and applied. Based on the concepts of visibility threshold and visibility angle, through theoretical analysis, calculations and experiments, the fact of "astronauts can see the Great Wall with naked eyes from the lower orbit round the Earth" is finally established.
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  • . 2007, 25(0716): 61-67.
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    With two years' work of improving and upgrading on the HL-2A tokamak, the power of electron cyclotron resonance heating has reached 2 MW, the system of molecular beam injection at liquid nitrogen temperature has been installed, and three step probe arrays for zonal flow, microwave reflectometry and Thomson scattering diagnostics have been added. Under the available conditions for advanced Tokamak experiments, studies on some key projects of magnetic fusion science were carried out, important results were obtained, including the first observation of the toroidal symmetry and three dimensional structures of the geodesic acoustic mode zonal flow and the record of 4.93 keV electron temperature. In other fields such as divertor physics, plasma rotation, effects of energetic electrons, particle and energy confinements as well as MHD instabilities, plentiful experimental data were obtained. The modification and upgrading of the device is being in the stage of research & development.
  • . 2007, 25(0716): 68-72.
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    Being a high scientific and technical product used in both military and civil fields, the Micro Unmanned Air Vehicle (MUAV) plays an important role in modern information society. Image wireless transmission system is one of its important components for acquisition and transmission of information. This system's progress and current state are reviewed in this paper. The key technologies of image transmission and the developing trends of the future image wireless transmission are discussed.
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    . 2007, 25(0716): 73-78.
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    An extensive survey of techniques and technologies of planar transformer applied to switch mode power supply is presented in this paper. The structural characteristics of planar transformer are introduced. The survey analyses the advantages and shortages of planar transformer, summarizes its different sorts and indicates the design methods and approaches. In the end, some predictions of future direction are attempted.