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   Science & Technology Review
2006, Vol.24, No. 0610
10 October 2006


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Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0610): 1-1. ;  doi:
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Abstract ( 353 )

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0610): 10-10. ;  doi:
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Abstract ( 330 )

On the Control of Internal Source of Pollution for the Three Gorges Reservoir

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0610): 5-10. ;  doi:
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Abstract ( 668 )
Based on the nature of reservoir sedimentation and consecutive accumulation of contaminants with sediment, the pollution caused by sediment deposition is noted to be one of the major sources of pollution to the reservoir of the Three Gorges Project (TGP) in the future. To preserve the water quality of the reservoir, one should therefore also pay close attention to such internal source of pollution induced by sedimentation, in addition to the control of point and non-point sources from the upland. Previously, the first two authors have suggested some schemes to optimize the operation of the TGP reservoir to increase flood control capacity and to minimize sediment deposition. Because such schemes of operation will lead to scour of the topmost layer of new deposition, which is the most active layer regarding adsorption of contaminants, it is also proposed as a research base to arrive at an all-round scheme for the control of flood, sediment, water quality and ecosystem in the reaches both...更多 up- and downstream of the TGP dam.

Research of the Characters of Doppler Velocity in the Typhoon Rananim's Strengthening and Heavy Rain

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0610): 11-15. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (3672 KB)  ( 437 )
Abstract ( 1392 )
CINRAD/SA Doppler radar at Wenzhou City, Zhejiang province, made use of its advantaged location to probe the whole process of the development, evolvement, strengthening and speed-up near the seacoast, debarkation and declining of the 0414 Typhoon Rananim. The paper analyses the characters of the intensity field and the Doppler speed field of the typhoon detected by the radar, and discovers that the radar can catch the information of typhoon's strengthening in long-distance by using of those data probed by the radar and the data of typhoon-positioning and auto-noting rain amount. Heavy rains arose in Zhejiang province. The data of radar's Doppler velocity field reveals that the pulsation of the high altitude southwest jet, the strengthening of the upper divergence and triggering of the weak cold air near the northern side of the typhoon have a positive correlation with the special heavy rain on the background of the warm-core low pressure.

AFM Observation of Mouse Cardiac Nuclear Gene Combination Forming Gene Lineage's Systematicness and Junk DNA's Interaction

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0610): 16-20. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (2557 KB)  ( 250 )
Abstract ( 510 )
Direct atomic force microscopy (AFM) observation and in vitro transcription techniques were used to investigate that mouse cardiac nuclear genes occur on transcription platform of junk DNA. During in vitro transcription, n (n=3 or 4) active gene knots and n-1 gene intervals are put in special permutation and combination to form n (n=3 or 4) different sizes of gene lineage. Different gene knots simultaneously transcribe n mRNA (n=9 or 12) chain complexes, n mRNA (n=9 or 12) chain complexes are respectively linked with two ends of adaptors of related single chain DNAs. If the number of n mRNA (n=9 or 12) decreased, n mRNA (n=9 or 12) may be dissociated from gene lineages and form n mRNA (n=9 or 12) chain complexes through post-transcription modification. These complexes mainly occur in nuclei and are translated into proteins on translation platform, then these proteins are modified to form active proteins. This work shows that direct AFM observation can be used to investigate gene transc...更多ription and regulation, formation of gene lineage and junk DNA interaction.

Study of the Niches of Oligonychus Perditus and its Predatory Enemies in the Platycladus Orientialis Forest of Taishan Mountain

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0610): 21-24. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (168 KB)  ( 445 )
Abstract ( 477 )
Based on a systematic investigation on Oligonychus Perditus and its predatory enemies in the Platycladus orientialis forest of Taishan Mountain. The temporal and spatial niche breadth of O. Perditus and its major predatory enemies were studied in this paper. The study showed that the spatial niche breadth of O. Perditus was 0.629 8, the temporal niche breadth was 0.418 2, the temporal and spatial niche breadth were very narrow (0.263 4). Among the dominant predatory enemies, Orius minutus (Linnaeus) had the widest spatial niche breadth(0.817 2), Anystis baccarum (Linnaeus) had the widest temporal niche breadth(0.711 5), Propylaea japonica (Thunberg) had the widest temporal and spatial niche breadth. The time ×space niches overlap of Stethorus punctillum Weise and O. Perditus was the greatest, Typhhlod romus soleiger Ptitichatd et Baker secondly(0.759 6), which implied that the above two species of predatory enemies had better follow effects on O. Perditus.

Geometric Algebra Analysis of Quantum Pure State and Mixed State

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0610): 25-28. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (560 KB)  ( 378 )
Abstract ( 468 )
In this paper, we use geometric algebra to describe the state of two levels quantum system and analysis its property. And we deduce the geometric algebra expression of quantum pure state and mixed state by making use of the density matrix. Then we can obtain the relationship of the Bloch vector and the geometric algebra description by contrasting the two descriptive methods.

Long-span and Multi-point Synchronizing Data Acquisition for Seafloor Magnetotelluric Based on Union of Marine and Land

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0610): 28-32. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (2151 KB)  ( 811 )
Abstract ( 511 )
Electromagnetic prospecting on the seafloor is one of the important geophysical methods to research the marine geology topics and the seafloor mineral resources. The data acquisition of remote reference is used to suppress interference and acquire the high quality data due to the magnetotelluric regional noise. The base station on land and surveying net under the water should follow simultaneous observation and the same location coordinates in the acquisition process. In order to solve the problems above, the high-precision clock, detecting posture device and automatic measurement circuit are equipped in marine magnetotelluric instrument. The instruments are placed point-to-point when the ship carries out marine experiments along scheduled routes. The characteristic of instrument flotage changes by remote control to let it automatic return to offing after the acquisition completes. Recent marine experiments indicate that the seafloor magnetotelluric prospecting in China have achieved u...更多tility and can offer high technology support in marine prospecting.

Research of Intelligent Web Page Recommender System Based on Clustering Technique

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0610): 33-36. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (316 KB)  ( 348 )
Abstract ( 497 )
With the size of WWW growing bigger, its structure is more and more complex. Web visitors with personalized information demands find it very difficult to locate information with ease. In this paper, we designed an intelligent web page recommender system, which include three sub-systems of data preprocessing, clustering, and web page recommendation. The proposed system can divide visitors into subgroups automatically, thus providing new users with online web page recommendation. The formula for computing the distance between visitor paths is proposed, followed by the study of the structure of clustering system. The simulation results based on web log of Microsoft website proved the validity of the proposed method.

Experimental Investigation of Suppressive Effect of Saikosaponin-d on the Progression of Glomerulosclerosis

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0610): 37-41. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (1665 KB)  ( 349 )
Abstract ( 497 )
Objective: The preventive effects of Saikosaponin-d (Ssd ) on the progression of mesangioproliferation and glomerulosclorosis, induced by intravenous injection of anti-Thy1 monoclonal antibody (mAb) 1-22-3 into uninephrectomized rats, were evaluated. Methods: Eighteen rats were divided into three groups of six. One group was treated with phosphate buffered saline (PBS) as a control. The other two groups were treated with Ssd 1.8 mg/kg body weight (BW)./day or 0.6mg/kg BW/day respectively. Urine samples were collected from the rats in metabolic cages on days 1, 4, 8, 14 and 21 after the injection of mAb 1-22-3. Systolic BP(SBP) was tested on days 1, 5, 10, 14 and 18 after the injection. All rats were sacrificed 21 days after the injection of mAb 1-22-3 for blood biochemistry, and immunofluorescent and light microscopy of the kidneys. Results: Ssd suppressed proteinuria, extracellular matrix expansion, crescentic formation as well as inflammatory cell infiltration. Especially, Ssd was sh...更多own to have highly significant suppressive effect on CD8+T cells infiltration into the periglomerular and tubulointerstitial areas and on expression of TGF-a type I collagen in the kidneys and α-SMA along Bowman's capsule. Conclusions: Our study indicates that Ssd could prevent initiation and progression of mesangioproliferative glomerulonephritis in rats through inhibition of CD8+ T cell infiltration, macrophage accumulation and activation, and expression of TGF- and type I collagen in the kidneys.

Micro Total Hospital System:A New Modality for Equipping Hospital to Significantly Lower the Medical Cost

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0610): 42-49. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (2744 KB)  ( 527 )
Abstract ( 500 )
Currently, the gap in health care level between developed and developing countries over the world is increasingly enlarged. In China, there exists a huge imbalance for medical resources between city and countryside. Here, such serious situation was carefully interpreted. We proposed that one of the key technical strategies towards resolving such difficulty lies in integrating the latest micro/nano biomedical technologies and thus establishing Micro Total Hospital System (μ-THS) in the sense of being fully equipped, highly advanced however easily affordable. This new hospital system, which differs from traditional one, would significantly stimulate efforts towards entire miniaturization and economization in diagnostic, therapeutic and medicine equipments, and thus significantly lower the medical cost and catalyze new medical service system. The basic features of the μ-THS were comprehensively addressed and typical technical approaches to realize the corresponding medical equipping modal...更多ity were suggested. Some key issues waiting for solving were summarized. The proposed low cost μ-THS may lead to new generation hospital capable of quickly shortening gaps in medical care quality among various global regions. Meanwhile, exploration into the micro total hospital equipping system would push forward a series of new breakthroughs in both fundamental as well as practical researches.

Agricultural Water Fixed Price Mechanism and Model Research on the Basis of Pareto Optimum

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0610): 50-53. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (356 KB)  ( 455 )
Abstract ( 1283 )
This paper discussed agricultural water fixed price mechanism on the basis of Pareto optimum from economic angle, comprehensively considering supply unit and farmers' benefits, set up an agricultural water price model of direct subsidy to farmers by the government. Taking Guanzhong irrigation district of Shaanxi Province for an example, we preliminarily ascertained direct subsidy quota from government to farming on the basis of guaranteed operation, analyzed its composite water-saving results, advantages of this system and its corresponding design. Under the existing condition, we draw the conclusion that it will be an economical and practical approach to improve water price through market water price regulating mechanism, collocate water resource optimum, and attain water resource co-ordination of supply and demand. for the farmers' poor capacity for the higher water price, its regulating must ascertain the essential agricultural water use and farmers' benefits, give some proper subsi...更多dy so as to arrive the bilateral Pareto optimum,and set up a practical encouraging water-saving mechanism. The direct subsidy has the high input and output ratio, it may arouse the supply unit and farmers' water-saving activity, meanwhile it can play an important role in prompting water-saving agriculture.

Current Situation of CO2 Emission in Iron and Steel Producing and its Controlling Methods

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0610): 53-56. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (435 KB)  ( 976 )
Abstract ( 498 )
CO2 emission is one of the most imperative problems in Chinese iron and steel industry. It can be estimated that much more than 10 thousand tons of CO2 are produced every year in the iron and steel making-process concomitantly, and this number is continuously increasing. Currently, there are several effective methods for CO2 emission control in China, including energy economy, scrap smelting, and recycling of CO2. Furthermore, the practice of CMD can also be utilized for reducing the CO2 emission, as well as improving our energy sources.

Empirical Study of Mechanism of Social Capital Influencing Technological Innovation

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0610): 57-59. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (283 KB)  ( 323 )
Abstract ( 493 )
This paper brought forward the conceptual model of the social capital impacting on the mechanism of technological innovation and gained the relative data by questionnaire and empirical studies by SEM. At last, conclusion showed that the social capital influenced technological innovation. Among other things, enterprise's interior social capital is most important to technological innovation; the social capital of enterprise between government and university is the secondly, while study and development are the headsprings of enterprise knowledge creation.

Comparison of Impetus Mechanisms on Enterprise Cluster's Ecological Evolution

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0610): 60-63. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (339 KB)  ( 279 )
Abstract ( 538 )
The mechanism of industrial system's ecological evolution is compared and analyzed in terms of system linear and nonlinear evolutional theories. Industrial system's ecological progress should be essentially attributed to system nonlinear evolution. Opposite to the only convergence that all enterprises would ultimately evolve into ecological type resulted from system linear evolution, the 'Divergence Effect' of system nonlinear evolution has more realistic sense, which means the mixture state that ecological and non-ecological species exist together is a steady balance. Another research opinion is that the only convergence balance that all enterprise would evolve into ecological or non-ecological type is unsteady and not in accord with practice of ecological industry. These conclusions would help government draw up the relevant policies scientifically and systematically towards ecological industry.

Significance and Keystone of Research of Integrated Nutrient Resource Management in China

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0610): 64-67. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (697 KB)  ( 461 )
Abstract ( 487 )
Nutrients, such as N and P, are not only the essential element of plants and animals, but also the resource and factor of environmental pollution. Irrational nutrient management would lead to the nutrition disorder and environmental problems. Based on the research results of our group and literatures, the properties of nutrient utilization in China and the progress of nutrient management research were analyzed and the keystone of future research in China was suggested. In China, the crop production is mainly depended on the input of fertilizer nutrients and the nutrient use efficiency is very low. The nutrients in organic material, soil and environment are not sufficiently utilized. The flux and emission to environment of nutrients in food chain will increase rapidly in future with the development of economy and society in China. In the international study of nutrient management, the research network was paid more attention to filed level, and the policy and legislation of nutrient man...更多agement was strengthened at regional and national level. The keystone of nutrient management research in China will be the nutrient flow in field, regional and national scale and its regulation in food chain system.

Study of the Technology of Characteristic Digital Library

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0610): 68-71. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (1376 KB)  ( 354 )
Abstract ( 517 )
This paper firstly presents an overview of the characteristics of the digital library. And then the current status of Chinese digital libraries is reviewed briefly and their deficiencies are pointed out. Finally, some innovative technologies of digital libraries around the world are introduced and the trend of foreign digital libraries is analyzed, which can be used for reference for the domestic ones.

Benefits and Detriments of Planting Effects of Spartina anglica C E Hubbard and Spartina alterniflora Loisel

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0610): 72-78. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (2466 KB)  ( 889 )
Abstract ( 555 )
The basic characteristics, usage, positive & negative effects of Spartina anglica C E Hubbard and Spartina alterniflora Loisel, as well as their experience of introduction in China and dispute focus are here commented on. Misleading rumors about Spartina anglica and Spartina alterniflora in some relevant documents are cleared up. And reference bases for making scientific use of these plants and for controlling their possible harmfulness are offered.

Study of the Development Relationship between IT Industry and IT Education in America

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0610): 79-82. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (465 KB)  ( 397 )
Abstract ( 538 )
American IT industry has created the New Economy. This paper tries to study the development of IT industry and IT education in the US from the middle and late 1980s to 2000, to find out their relationship from the aspect of job market, and to get some illumination on the interactive development of industry and education.

Providing Theoretical Support for Technology Innovation:A Review of The Basic of Applied Electrochemistry

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0610): 83-83. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (242 KB)  ( 298 )
Abstract ( 1347 )

Attaching Importance to and Study the Scientific Connotation of Ancient Water Conservancy

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0610): 84-86. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (129 KB)  ( 298 )
Abstract ( 683 )
The rapid development of new materials and scientific technology in the 19th century stimulated the development of modern water conservancy engineering in the west. To conquer the nature is the main idea in the western plans of water conservancy engineering, which pushes the human utilization of rivers to the limit. The modern water conservancy projects, represented by reservoirs with high dams, have promoted the economic development. However, these engineering projects have long-term negative impacts on river ecosystems and the natural environment. In this paper, based on comparison of the ancient and modern concepts for water conservancy plans, we discussed the scientific and culture values of Chinese ancient engineering of water conservancy. It was pointed out that we should learn from the history and it is necessary to protect and utilize the water conservancy heritages.

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