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   Science & Technology Review
2006, Vol.24, No. 0602
10 February 2006

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Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0602): 1-1. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (58 KB)  ( 465 )
Abstract ( 365 )

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0602): 6-6. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (54 KB)  ( 211 )
Abstract ( 336 )

The Characteristic of Heavy Neutron-rich Nuclides

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0602): 5-6. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (198 KB)  ( 312 )
Abstract ( 496 )
Heavy neutron-rich nuclides possess the characteristic, namely β-delayed fission. The basic process is simply introduced. The significance and actuality on its study is indicated. Our work on this field is essentialized.

Research Progress on Microbes of Lipases

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0602): 10-12. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (252 KB)  ( 793 )
Abstract ( 449 )
The production, recovery, and use of microbial lipases are discussed. Issues of thermostability, bioactivity and production of recombinant lipases are discussed.

Development on SiOx(X≤2)-Based Electroluminescence System

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0602): 12-18. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (458 KB)  ( 338 )
Abstract ( 511 )
SiOx(X≤2)-based electroluminescence material has rapidly developed recently, thus it is necessary to review practical Si-based light emitting devices consisting of ion-doped SiOx, Si-nanocrystal implanted SiO2, porous silicon, hydrogen amorphous Si(C) and MOS structures in this paper. On the basis of these, electroluminescent mechanism has been discussed and at the same time some problems such as low quantum efficiency and poor stability have been clarified that carrier balance injection is must, in the electroluminescent system with impaction of excitons and recombination of carrier, to improve quantum efficiency. Finally development on SiOx(X≤2)-based LED are suggested.

Desert Beetle and Water Extraction from Air

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0602): 18-21. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (181 KB)  ( 417 )
Abstract ( 569 )
Stenocara beetles in the Namib Desert collect drinking water from the air on their backs. Water extraction from air(WEA)is an effective solution for water shortage, but the low water collection rate is a restriction to its wide application. Based on the analysis of the present WEA technology, the conclusion that the application of the beetle's bionic surface to WEA may increase the water collection rate is drawn in the paper. This provides new ideas for the WEA technology and might become the basis for the large-scale artificial schemes to gathering water from the air.

Effect of the Spectrum of a Superluminescent Diode on Performance of Fiber-optic Gyro

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0602): 22-26. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (404 KB)  ( 464 )
Abstract ( 533 )
Using the coherence function of a superluminescent diode(SLD), The effect of the spectrum and its ripple of a SLD on the performance of fiber-optic gyro has been researched in this paper. The simulated results agree well with the reality. The requirement for the spectrum of a SLD is described, and some design advice of fiber-optic gyro with a given SLD is presented.

Game Analysis on Comprehensive Development of Bio-diversity Resources of Mountain Region

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0602): 27-29. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (245 KB)  ( 294 )
Abstract ( 500 )
The paper discusses the conception of the development of mountain region bio-diversity resources and the necessity of comprehensive exploitation of them. With game theory as a kind of analysis tool, macro adjustments of government are combined with rational dicisions of micro social subjects, and it come to an equilibrium solution, which maintains that government should take all kinds of active measures to increase the benefits of the peasants who take the road of sustainable development and decrease the illegal incomes of the peasants who exploits unreasonably. It is necessary to strengthen the propaganda of the law and regulations in many ways to lead the peasants in taking the road to sustainable development.

Relationship between Iron Oxides, Organic Matter ,Grain Sizes and Magnetic Parameters in Xuzhou Urban Topsoil

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0602): 30-33. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (448 KB)  ( 281 )
Abstract ( 623 )
Concentrations of iron oxides, organic matter and grain sizes in 21 urban topsoils form the city of Xuzhou, China were measured. The magnetic properties of topsoil samples were also analyzed. These results are used to explore the relationships between iron oxides, organic matter and grain sizes and magnetic parameters. It is revealed that magnetic parameters (χ, SIRM, χARM, SOFT) show significant positive correlations with DCB- and AOD- extractable iron oxides. There exist negative correlations between magnetic parameters (χ, SIRM, χARM, SOFT) and organic matter concentrations, suggesting that the magnetic minerals could be dissolved by organic matter in urban topsoil. The magnetic minerals are inclined to be enriched in the fine grain (especially in clay minerals), indicating that the magnetic parameters (χfd?χARM/χ, χARM/SIRM) could be used proxies for grain sizes of clay minerals in topsoil.

Studies on HPLC Fingerprint of Ultramicro Rhizoma Gastrodiae

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0602): 33-35. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (286 KB)  ( 343 )
Abstract ( 670 )
To determine the HPLC fingerprint of the ultramicro rhizoma Gastrodiae and to test its potent constituents and content. Chromatographic column: Hypersil BDS C18(4.6 mm×200 mm,5μm). Mobile phase: 0.05% phosphoric acid in water. Column temperature: 25℃. Flow rate: 1.0 ml·min-1. Wavelength: 220nm. The fingerprint of ultramicro rhizoma Gastrodiae was established and 7common peaks are in the fingerprint. Conclusion is that methods and data can be used to control the quality of the ultramicro rhizoma Gastrodiae.

Study on the Inhibition Effect of Baicalin and Baicalin Metallic Coordination

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0602): 36-38. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (322 KB)  ( 529 )
Abstract ( 468 )
The Chinese traditional medicine baikal skullcap root has been used for many diseases by anti-oxidation and radical scavenging mechanisms. baicalin as the main component of baikal skullcap root mainly exists not in free form but in mixture with metal elements in solutions. The inhibition effect of baicalin and baicalin combine with 6 metal elements respectively were inspected by the UV-Vis spectrum. The results indicated that all 6 metal elements can improve the antioxidant action of baicalin, but the effects and mechanisms of them is different.

Research on Boussinesq Equations in Orthogonal Curvilinear Coordinate System

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0602): 38-42. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (409 KB)  ( 211 )
Abstract ( 556 )
In this paper, based on the mass conservation equation and Euler's equation, the modified form of Boussinesq equations is derived, which includes the effects of bottom friction, wave breaking and subgrid turbulent mixing. Through transferring the governing equations and boundary condition by orthogonal curvilinear coordinate, a 2D wave model in orthogonal curvilinear coordinate systems is established. The numerical model is tested by computing wave field for several experiment terrain, and agreement between model results and available experimental data is found to be quite reasonable, which demonstrates the model's ability to simulate wave shoaling, refraction, diffraction and reflection et etc.

Lactobacillus Modulate Host Immune Response through Colonization and Provision of Immune Signals

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0602): 43-46. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (451 KB)  ( 269 )
Abstract ( 600 )
Peptidoglycan(PG) was prepared from Lactobacillus sp. Effects of Lactobacillus sp. PG on gene expression of mice immunocytes were studied by using Affymetrix MOE430A Genechip. PG was found inducing expression of molecules related to type 1 immune response. TLR-NF-κB signal pathway would be activated. The expression of Tollip, a negative regulator of TLR-NF-κB signal pathway was modulated by different doses of PG, which could lead to different expressions of different cytikons.

A New Method of Choice Regularization Parameters Based on Genetic Algorithm

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0602): 46-49. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (376 KB)  ( 258 )
Abstract ( 530 )
This paper deals with the parameter choice problems in the regularzation method, give out a new method(genetic algorithms) for solving this question. Numerical result represents that this method is feasible and efficient.

Study on Line-Heat-Resource Model on Piping Leakage of Dam and Dyke

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0602): 50-52. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (291 KB)  ( 260 )
Abstract ( 532 )
Leakage of groundwater will influence strata normal temperature distribution and generate the abnormality on temperature curve. The piping leakage passage can be regarded as a continuous line heat resource. Through studying the influence of piping water on strata temperature, a continuous line-heat-resource model is proposed by using the heat resource theory. Verified by an example, the model can be used to get the leakage velocity of piping passage and estimate the permeability of strata.

Study of Quantitative Prediction for Large-and Super-Large-Sized Gold Mineral Deposits in Xinjiang

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0602): 53-55. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (230 KB)  ( 193 )
Abstract ( 1219 )
The quantification theory and characteristic analysis are been applied to qualitative research into and comprehensive delineation for the gold deposit concentrated regions and the anomaly regions in Xinjiang Province. Then the extended model is established in this paper. The research areas are divided into 16 model cells that contain gold deposits and 14 forecast cells that contain anomalies of element Au but don't contain gold deposits. There are two model cells that contain a large-sized deposit. The geological variables or factors are obtained by geological, geochemical and geophysical information. The mathematical model of quantification theory is built by these geological variables. The forecast results are given below: Cell number 22 and 19 possibly contain a large-sized gold deposit respectively. The method proposed in this paper can be applied not only to the gold deposit, but also to other mineral. In this sense. this method is universal in application.

Preliminary Study of Vegetation Carrying Capacity of Soil Water(VCCSW)

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0602): 56-59. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (274 KB)  ( 293 )
Abstract ( 366 )
VCCSW, short for Vegetation carrying capacity of soil water, is a key and scientific question for rational utilization of soil water and vegetation resource in the arid, semi-arid and semi-humidy region. Field study of density and plant growth, soil water supply and consumption is experimental base for determing vegetation carrying capacity of soil water. The field experiment was conducted in the shrubland having 16-years old artificial Caragana forest in the semi-arid region of Loess plateau to determining the value of VCCSW. Experimental density includes 8 700, 7 100, 5 100, 3 200, 1 600 clumps perhectare. The results showed as following: The term vegetation carrying capacity of soil water can be defined as the ability of soil water to carry vegetation. The limit is the largest density soil water keep plants grow and develop healthily on an annual basis under special conditions. Although the brush root penetrates to a depth of more than 500 cm, most of the root mainly distributed in ...更多the upper 150 cm soil, the relationship between root and depth is exponential function. The largest depth of rain penetration is from 170 cm in 2002 to 270cm in 2004. The root soil from which plant roots take and utilize water mainly is the soil layers from 0 to 270 cm soil layer. The relationship between soil water and plant growth can be divided into four stages. The relationship between density and productivity of Caragana forest or the amount of soil water supply in the shrubland is linear, the relationship between density and the amount of soil water consumption in the shrubland is parabola. The value of soil water's carrying capacity is 8 115 clumps per hectare. The best use orientation of perennial Caragana forest is to conserve soil and water and improving environment.

Several Basic Problems of Modern Fluid Mechanics and Preliminary Study of Coupled Mathematical Model of Velocity and Pressure Field

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0602): 60-66. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (494 KB)  ( 197 )
Abstract ( 545 )
It is proposed several basic problems needed to be considered in modern fluid mechanics research, and upon the base of the reasonable reconstruction for Navier-Stokes equation and dynamic boundary condition according to physical reality, it is constructed as a mathematical-physical model, which can approximately describe the separated and coupled macro physical quantity about velocity field and pressure field. Furthermore, it provide possibility to numerical simulation of streamline body.

Heat Treatment Research on Pure Magnesium for Biomaterial Application

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0602): 67-69. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (286 KB)  ( 406 )
Abstract ( 566 )
Magnesium and its alloy as hard tissue implants have attracted more and more attention. This paper reports that heat treatment can improve the corrosion resistance of pure magnesium in simulated body fluid environment. Micro-electrochemical analysis system is used to test the corrosion rate of pure magnesium and orthogonal experiment is also used to optimize the parameters of heat treatment process. The results indicate that under condition of this experiment, the heat treatment with 773 K×14 h can effectively improve the corrosion behavior of pure magnesium in simulated body fluid, and the corrosion current density can reduce from 3.5 116×10-3 mA/cm2 to 9.8 593×10-5 mA/cm2.

Lithological Features of Basalt in Gejiu Eastern Area, Yunnan Province

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0602): 70-72. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (234 KB)  ( 619 )
Abstract ( 526 )
Gejiu tin ore deposit, which is located in Gejiu eastern area, is a supersized polymetal ore deposit majored in tin and copper which possesses some characteristics of volcano-sedimentary ore deposit. Because it is superimposed the granit of the Yanshanian epoch, the basalt of Gejiu formation in Middle Triassic Series is metamorphosed intensively. This study researched into the lithological features of basalt in the area. It's proved that the basic rock possesses textural and structural features of basalt, which is basalt, instead of dolerite.

Studies on Recessive Loss of Amount of Cultivated Land in China

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0602): 73-74. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (194 KB)  ( 235 )
Abstract ( 524 )
Being the uppermost productive material and the most direct object for farmers, cultivated land is one of the basic factors consisting of the comprehensive ability of crop production. The loss of the amount of cultivated land includes not only the dominant loss caused by the absolute reduction in quantity, but also the recessive loss caused by the whole quality decrease. The recessive loss of our cultivated land since 1996 was studied by using the standard coefficient method. And the causes for the recessive loss were analyzed as well.

Time-Space Structure of Decision-Making Situation

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0602): 75-77. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (218 KB)  ( 214 )
Abstract ( 530 )
On the decision-making time, the relation construction of the things is a space-structure rather than flat-structure, and the evolvement process is not an addition of time section but a continued link upon the inherence relation. As a result, in addition to the expression on the space-structure of the correlation things, the decision-making situation should express its emerged tendency from the relation function, because only this can depict its structure at the moment and the future emerged trend, and express its instant evolvement and developing. This paper gives the concept of decision-making situation,then expresses its time-space structure.

Portfolio Analysis in Procurement Contract Management

Science & Technology Review. 2006, 24 (0602): 78-81. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (307 KB)  ( 814 )
Abstract ( 451 )
Supply chain risk management is considered as an indispensable tool for business. And the portfolio analysis in procurement contract management, regarded as a innovational tool, should be used to manage business risk. Firstly, the paper introduces the importance about procurement management and the portfolio analysis in contract management; secondly, it provides two kinds of decision-making of contracts , included both procurement strategy based on product portfolio management and procurement tactic based on portfolio theory; thirdly, it put forward the framework of support decision system in terms of the research results above.

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