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   Science & Technology Review
2005, Vol.23, No. 0512
10 December 2005


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Science & Technology Review. 2005, 23 (0512): 1-1. ;  doi:
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Abstract ( 418 )

Helicobacter Pylori——Introduction to Achievements of Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for 2005

Science & Technology Review. 2005, 23 (0512): 4-7. ;  doi:
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Abstract ( 621 )
For a long time, the concept that stress and lifestyle were considered the major causes of gastritis andpeptic ulcer disease prevailed in medical community. Two Australian scientists, unrestricted by the classical medi-cal concept, pioneeringly demonstrated that helicobacter pylori, a new genus, were the real cause for gastritis andpeptic ulcer disease. Then the therapeutic methods for these diseases were changed. Gastritis and peptic ulcerdisease are no longer chronic and relapsing diseases, but diseases that can be cured. In order to praise their contribution,the Noble Assembly at Sweden Royal Karolinska Institute has awarded them the Nobel Prize for Physiology orMedicine for 2005.

Olefin Metathesis——Introduction to Achievements of Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2005

Science & Technology Review. 2005, 23 (0512): 8-11. ;  doi:
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Abstract ( 854 )
The Nobel Prize for Chemistry for 2005 is shared by three chemists, YvesChauvin, Robert H Grubbs and Richard R Schrock, who have made fundamental discoveriesin olefin metathesis and its application in organic synthesis and polymerization.This articlebriefly introduces the mechanism, application and development of olefin metathesis, as wellas the historical contributions to this great discovery.

Beginning of Modern Quantum Optics and New Highlight of Physical Precision Measurements——Introduction to Achievements of Nobel Prize for Physics for 2005

Science & Technology Review. 2005, 23 (0512): 12-15. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (893 KB)  ( 477 )
Abstract ( 1320 )
The Royal Swedish Academy of Science has decided to award the Nobel Prize for Physicsfor 2005 to Roy J Glauber for his contribution to the quantum theory of optical coherence, and to JohnL. Hall and Theodor W H nsch for their contributions to the development of laser-based precisionspectroscopy, including the optical frequency comb technique. The beginning of modern quantumoptics is briefly reviewed according to history, and an outline in this field was presented.It was intro-duced in detail how H nsch and Hall developed the optical frequency comb technique for precisionmeasurement of optical frequency.

Constructing New Rouergai Lake Connected with Yellow River in Eastern Tibetan Plateau

Science & Technology Review. 2005, 23 (0512): 16-19. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (879 KB)  ( 164 )
Abstract ( 653 )
In order to meet the need that water in the West Route of South-to-North Water Transfer Project could flow in the Rouergai Wetlandpart of the Yellow River, and to make a rational distribution of sources for the creation of a South Mainstream, the authors put forward a newidea that a New Rouergai Lake should be constructed, then a part of the Yellow River could be replaced by the New Rouergai Lake in easternTibetan Plateau. Against the serious desertification and reduction of the Rouergai Wetland, it is a new ecological project for the protection andpromotion of the Rouergai Wetland. In the near future, the New Rouergai Lake and all around, including many Tibetan towns and villages, couldbe combined in the most wonderful and international wetland ecotourism centre at the eastern edge of Tibetan plateau.

Observation of Interaction between Gene in vitro Expression of Mouse Cardiac Nuclei and Junk DNA by Atomic Force Microscopy

Science & Technology Review. 2005, 23 (0512): 20-24. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (1031 KB)  ( 166 )
Abstract ( 585 )
Combining direct observation and in vitro expression experiments on expressive products of mouse (Balb/C) cardiac musclegenome by atomic force microscopy(AFM), n mRNA(n=9) linear chain complexes are located on specific platform associated with junk DNAobserved by AFM, two ends of each kind of mRNA noncovalently bind proteins they encode respectively(molecular switch), middle encodingsequences noncovalently bind soluble active protein factors; These proteins may be dually regulated by specific, matched protein pathways ofstructurally complex junk DNA. Nucleus n mRNA linear chain complexes can in vitro translate proteins, such as LDH, and show "populationeffect" of n mRNA translation. Cytoplasmic n mRNA (n=12) linear chain complex (no junk DNA) were also observed by AFM and in vitrotranslate some LDH proteins, showing population effect of n mRNA translation. This work highlights prospects that AFM can be used forobserving biological reaction, such as in vitro expression, studying gene expression, regulation and function of junk DNA.

Maximally Symmetric Minimal Unification Model

Science & Technology Review. 2005, 23 (0512): 25-28. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (364 KB)  ( 332 )
Abstract ( 616 )
With the hypothesis that all independent degrees of freedom of basic building blocks should be treated equally on the same footing and correlated by a possible maximal symmetry, we arrive at an 4-dimensional space-time unification model. In this model the basic buildingblocks are Majorana fermions in the spinor representation of 14-dimensional quantum space-time with a gauge symmetry G■■=SO(1, 3)×SU(32)×U(1)A×SU(3)F. The model leads to new physics including mirror particles of the standard model. It enables us to issue some fundamental questions that include: why our living space-time is 4-dimensional, why parity is not conserved in our world, how is the stability of proton, what is the origin of CP violation and what can be the dark matter.

A Brief Overview of Recent Theoretical Study on Dark Energy

Science & Technology Review. 2005, 23 (0512): 28-32. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (334 KB)  ( 568 )
Abstract ( 748 )
Recently, dark energy has been one of most active fields in modern cosmology since a lot of cosmological observations indicate that our universe is undergoing an accelerated expansion. In this article, a brief overview of the status of theoretical study on dark energy was given.

Phase Fluctuations in High-TC Superconductors: Nernst Effect Study

Science & Technology Review. 2005, 23 (0512): 33-36. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (350 KB)  ( 295 )
Abstract ( 636 )
Many anomalous phenomena have been found in the pseudogap state of high-TC superconductors, and a close relationship between pseudogap state and superconducting state has been proposed, which makes it a focus of interests. Theoretic models predict that preformed Cooper pairs can exist in the pseudogap state. Nernst effect measurements have detected vortex-like excitations in a certain temperature range above superconducting transition temperature, which strongly support that the pseudogap phase is characterized by finite pairing amplitude with strong phase fluctuations and imply that the phase transition at TC is driven by the loss of long-range phase coherence.

Effects of Various Nitrogen Sources and Phytohormones on Growth and Content of Lutein in Chlorella sp USTB01

Science & Technology Review. 2005, 23 (0512): 37-40. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (439 KB)  ( 403 )
Abstract ( 642 )
The effects of three nitrogen sources such as ammonium chloride, urea and potassium nitrate, and two phytohormones such as indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) and indole-3-butyric acid (IBA), on the growth and the content of lutein in Chlorella sp were investigated under light condition, respectively. The results showed that when glucose and potassium nitrate were used as the sole carbon and nitrogen sources, the rapid and continuous growth of Chlorella sp was achieved. If urea was used as the sole nitrogen source, the growth of Chlorella sp was distinctly slow. Using ammonium chloride as the sole nitrogen source, the growth of Chlorella sp could be apparently inhibited by the rapid decrease of pH of culture solution. Compared with urea and ammonium chloride, potassium nitrate was the best nitrogen source to promote biosynthesis of lutein by Chlorella sp, and the yield of lutein in dry algal cells could reach 0.85mg/g. In the presence of glucose and potassium nitrate, the growth of Chlorella sp could not be accelerated, on the contrary, the biosynthesis of lutein was inhibited by IAA or IBA, respectively.

Conflict Checking and Solving of Separation of Duty Constraints in RBAC

Science & Technology Review. 2005, 23 (0512): 40-43. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (346 KB)  ( 337 )
Abstract ( 1235 )
The conflict checking and solving of separation of duty constraints were particularly discussed in RBAC we researched these constraints' typical examples in authorization relations of the permission-to-role assignment (PRA), the permission-to subject assignment (PSA), the role-to-subject assignment (RSA), and the definition of a role hierarchy (role-to-role assignment, RRA). The arithmetic analysis of conflict checking which links with the theory of directed acycline graph (DAG) was provided. It will be a basis for practicall application. Furthermore, the conflict solving was further discussed in the paper. Several schemes are summarized and achieved imitating experiment. Subsequently, we provided an optimized solving method for the further work.

Study on Detection Technology of Complicated Network Attack Based on Related-Event

Science & Technology Review. 2005, 23 (0512): 44-46. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (281 KB)  ( 271 )
Abstract ( 565 )
It is unrealistic to detect complicated network attacks based on traditional intrusion detection methods (TIDM) because of the TIDM algorithms emphasis on observing behaviors of independent event, which appears to be lack of the analysis of the interplay among events. The detection method based on relations among sub-events in complicated network attacks has been put forward in this paper. The example shows that method which are designed in this system can effectively detect the attacks.

Functions of Dendritic Cells during Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Infection

Science & Technology Review. 2005, 23 (0512): 47-49. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (374 KB)  ( 421 )
Abstract ( 627 )
Dendrtic cells(DCs) are most efficient antigen presenting cells. DCs can uptake pathogens, including Mycobacterium tuberculosis(MTB), and then present to T cells to active anti-pathogen immune responses. So the interaction between DCs and MTB is of great importance in initiating an immune response in early the stage of infection. The researches on this interaction can help to comprehend infection mechanism and provide evidence about MTB escaping from immune responses.

Analysis on Climate Conditions for Almond-apricot Base Construction in Baiyushan Mountainous Area

Science & Technology Review. 2005, 23 (0512): 49-51. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (278 KB)  ( 421 )
Abstract ( 608 )
The climate and almond-apricot production situation in Baiyushan mountainous area were analyzed. The main reason for almond-apricot trees only blossoming but not fruiting is that florescence and fruiting phase of Almond-apricot encounters strong and much frost, and the frost which is very easy to injury the flower and young fruit. Dominating variety resists frost weakly. Some suggestions were put forward in order to resolve these problems.

Study on Technology of Dyeing in Supercritical CO2

Science & Technology Review. 2005, 23 (0512): 52-54. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (254 KB)  ( 375 )
Abstract ( 618 )
In this paper, the dying operation process and technological parameter of disperse dyes for fabric under the condition of supercritical CO2 are studied. The fabrics are treated with surface-active agent and cellulose enzyme in pretreatment. The solubility, dye fastness, level-dyeing property, fabric strength and dying mechanism are analyzed based on the experimental results in supercritical carbon dioxide. The experimental result indicates that the flux of CO2 fluid has important influence on dyeing.

Synchronous Generator Quasi-Synchronism Arrangement in Parallel Experiment Research

Science & Technology Review. 2005, 23 (0512): 55-58. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (357 KB)  ( 401 )
Abstract ( 1080 )
In order to improve the reliability and electrical energy quality of providing electricity, the generator of power system is usually operated in parallel connection. According to the system operation circumstances, synchronous generators are usually put into or withdrawn from transmission-line system of electric power. One or more synchronous generators are sometimes withdrawn or put into operation. In some cases, it is even necessary to restore arrangement in parallel operation from two parts of power system. With the aid of Type WDT-III power system comprehensive automation experiment platform developed by Mid-China Science and Technology University, the experiment research for synchronous generator quasi-synchronism is conducted in this thesis.

Application of Complexity Science in Environmental Science and Engineering

Science & Technology Review. 2005, 23 (0512): 58-61. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (267 KB)  ( 283 )
Abstract ( 687 )
As a rising subject in the present international academia, complexity science creates widespread illumination and infiltration to many subjects, and attracts lots of attention from almost all fields, including environmental science and engineering. This paper analyzed complexity science briefly, and then introduced its application in environmental science and engineering in part. It was hoped that this paper had instructive significance to researchers in environmental science and engineering.

Construction of New Rural Cooperative Medical System in Poverty-Striken Area:Luochuan Case

Science & Technology Review. 2005, 23 (0512): 62-65. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (286 KB)  ( 377 )
Abstract ( 570 )
The new rural cooperative medical system in the poverty-striken area is the key factor in its construction all over the country. It is an important measure to develop the positive role of governments and explore mechanism to prevent and solve moral hazard, based on the Luochuan case experience. Perfecting such conditions as risk datum, capital investment, medicine market management and laws, is also very important for construction of the new rural cooperative medical system in the poverty-striken area.

Analysis on China's Monetary Foreign Trade Transmission Mechanism

Science & Technology Review. 2005, 23 (0512): 66-69. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (300 KB)  ( 308 )
Abstract ( 573 )
The function of monetary foreign trade transmission mechanism has been strengthened constantly along with the change of economic conditions in our country. Through the empirical research on relative variables from January 1998 to February 2005 with unit root test and Granger causality test, this paper verified the conclusion, and finally indicated that in the slot of samples, narrow money supply M1 is the absolute reason of the shocks of interest rate, and interest rate also can affect the exchange rate efficiently, although exchange rate can not regulate net export effectively on the stage, its effect must be far more notable with the advance of China's exchange rate reform. In addition, net export can act on aggregate output absolutely, but the time lag is relatively longer.

Gain and Loss of Western University Autonomy and its Moral Evaluation

Science & Technology Review. 2005, 23 (0512): 70-71. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (165 KB)  ( 295 )
Abstract ( 571 )
The university autonomy is a prolonged tradition of the western university. This paper analyses the relations between the western university autonomy and academic, politics, economy , law, and then presents the moral evaluation on it, points out its significance in establishing top-grade universities of world level in China.

An Integration Road Should be Taken in Eco-environmental Management in Changjiang River Delta

Science & Technology Review. 2005, 23 (0512): 72-72. ;  doi:
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (116 KB)  ( 294 )
Abstract ( 541 )

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