10 October 2004, Volume 22 Issue 0410

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  • JIN Feng-jun;LU Da-dao
    . 2004, 22(0410): 4-6.
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    Limited Functions are key impediments for the development of resource-based cities in northeast China. Under the revitalization policy of northeast China industrial base, it is very important to foster internal growth power and multi-ways of development for resource-based cities. The governments should make more efforts to upgrade the urban functions such as service center, business center of resource-based cities, and optimize the economic development conditions, and improve urban environment. This paper suggests that the long-term strategy for resource-based cities should focus on three aspects: building a sustainable industrial system based on the development of natural resources, improving the innovation capacity, and fostering clusters of industry according with local advantages.
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  • WANG Qiong
    . 2004, 22(0410): 7-9.
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    In light of the three years’practice in Fuxin,which is the national trial city of the direction shift in economic reconstruction as a resource-exhausted city,This thesis makes an exposition on the inherent request and main task for the direction shift in economic reconstruction of the resource type city,summarizes the basic methods and phased achievement made by Fuxin,in the hope of inspiring and drawing lessons for the development of the similar domestic cities to some extent.
  • 东北经济振兴和资源型城市发展专题
  • LONG Ru-yin
    . 2004, 22(0410): 10-12.
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    The development of mining cities is a topic of general interest both in theory and in practice. However, China’s minimg cities are confronted with serious problems that restrain the progress of their sustainable development. The occidental developed countries have accumulated abundant successful experiences in pattern changes of the mining cities, which will have important enlightening functions on sustainable development of China’s mining cities . In this thesis, the author analyzed the experiences and then advanced some suggestions on the sustainable development of China’s mining cities.
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  • LI Li-te
    . 2004, 22(0410): 13-15.
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    The sustainable development of resource-exhausted cities needs scientifically programmed industrial restructuring. Although modern agriculture which has been carried out successfully in developed countries is an excellent choice to China because of low cost and quickly taking effect, much attention should be paid to the challenge of the development of agriculture in China nowadays. The essential of industrialization should be understood because all the work should be started with agriculture industrialization when traditional agriculture turns to modern one. The characteristics of agriculture industrialization should be industrial management, intensive manufacture and standard production. The key to carrying out industrial restructuring is the training of persons with ability and education-driving.
  • 东北经济振兴和资源型城市发展专题
  • PAN Yi-shan;ZHAO Yang-feng
    . 2004, 22(0410): 16-19.
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    After resources of mining cities are exhausted, derived disasters caused by mine exploiting will continue to take place for a long time, and will also form new disasters at the same time. Main disasters of resource-exhausted cities are underground disaster, ground surface disaster, water environmental disaster and atmospheric environmental disaster. This paper analyzes the causes of disaster formation and evolvement process of resource-exhausted cities, proposes that research work of prediction and control of resource-exhausted city disasters should be launched.
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  • YANG Jin-long;LI Qun-xiang;CHEN Zhao-ying
    . 2004, 22(0410): 19-21.
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    The progress on the theoretical study of the fullerenes in China is briefly reviewed. And related works in this field by authors which include the geometry and stability of fullerenes, substitutionally doped fullerenes, and endohedral metallofullerenes. Finally, the possible applications of fullerenes as well as several suggestions of the theoretical study on fullerenes cvere presented.
  • 富勒烯研究专题
  • LI Yu-liang;LIU Hui-biao;ZHU Dao-ben
    . 2004, 22(0410): 22-27.
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    The discovery of fullerene offers opportunities to explore the beautiful chemistry on the fullerenes’ curved surfaces and design novel fullerene-based materials for numerous applications. Another appeal of fullerenes is that it is possible to execute endohedral chemistry by the encapsulation of atoms or groups of atoms, creating the possibility of further control of the electronic structures and redox properties of fullerenes. Recently the main goals are on the synthesis, characterization, and applications of novel functional materials based on fullerene and metallofullerene derivatives. Some new research projects are proposed on the rational design of new fullerene/metallofullerene materials useful in chemosensors, solar energy converters and devices.
  • FAN Lou-zhen;WU Yue-qin;YANG Shi-he
    . 2004, 22(0410): 28-34.
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    Electrochemical properties of bare Dy@C82 films in organic and aqueous solutions as well as Dy@C82/DDAB(Didodecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Bromide) films in aqueous solutions are reported.Dy@C82-, Dy@C822-, Dy@C823- and Dy@C82+ are found to be stable in water. The Dy@C82/DDAB films in aqueous solutions share similar electrochemistry to that of Dy@C82 dissolved in organic solution with the first three reversible reduction/reoxidation and the first reversible oxidation/rereduction waves. Because the bulky DDA+ cations can always balance the negative charges of the reduced Dy@C82, Dy@C82-, Dy@C822- or Dy@C823- are stable against O2 in the DDAB films. The characteristics and the underlying mechanisms of these films have also been uncovered by UV-Vis-Nir spectra, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance (EQCM).
  • 科研管理
  • SUN Wei
    . 2004, 22(0410): 34-37.
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    The author reviewed on the research on the virtual enterprise, the main form of the enterprises in the era of knowledge: its basic characteristics, its operating model of the virtual enterprise, its competitive advantages . At last, the author made a forecast and comment on the prospects for the virtual enterprise in the future.
  • 工程技术
  • XU Kun-jia;JIANG Yuan
    . 2004, 22(0410): 38-40.
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    The application of trenchless technology in the construction of Puhuangyu Station, No. 5 Subway line of Beijing, is described. And it proved to be substantially effective in the protection against settlement of the station roof according to the monitoring result.
  • 论文
  • WANG Da-quan
    . 2004, 22(0410): 41-46.
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    Expounding the present condition of the traditional and new field fine chemical industry as well as prospects for the development of China’s fine chemical industry.
  • 基础科学
  • CHENG Bang-sheng
    . 2004, 22(0410): 46-50.
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    As a new frontier of science, consciousness constitutes a great challenge to the scientific research. In this article, we describe the theoretic research situation of consciousness science by introducing three representative theories in this field.
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  • LUO Chuan-wen
    . 2004, 22(0410): 51-54.
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    The concepts, monopolized circle, monopolized line and monopolized sphere were put forward in this paper. The uniform index was put forward based on the study of the uniformity about finity point set. New concept measuring mapping was defined to fractal set, the fractal dimension of the fractal set can be transformed to the uniform index of the point set created by measuring mapping, it is shown that the complexity and uniformity are tight. The uniform index is a measure of point set pattern, which describes the spatial relationship in the point set, but the number. The uniform index can be any real number in interval, which is different from mathematical measure and fractal dimension. Two very interesting numbers, the uniform index of 1 digit infinite repeating decimal and random pattern are 0.1 and 1/x=0.318.
  • XUE Gen-yuan;CHEN Guo-yong;YU Shan-xian;HE Feng-pian;YU Yue-hui
    . 2004, 22(0410): 55-58.
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    China is a country with frequent meteorological calamities, of which the sudden ones are an important factor threatening public security and socio-economic development. Hence, it is necessary to set up and improve step by step an emergency management system specific to the sudden occurrence based on the five features of such calamities:abruptness, transmission, disastrous nature, frequent happening and regionality. On the basis of causal analysis of Typhoon Rananim a study is made of the main features of damages done by it and weak abilities in fighting various kinds of such disasters, countermeasures and successful practice against Rananim, thereby proposing new considerations for improving the emergency system.
  • WANG Xun-ling;LI Ke-jia;LI Fang-min;SU Xiao-hong;YUE Ming
    . 2004, 22(0410): 59-60.
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    By analysing the declension cause of old-age cypress in Huang-Di Mausoleum, we thought that the trampled and hardened soil, the bare surface, the deteriorate environment of woodland, the single compose of forest and the serious insect pest were the main reasons. According to these, we proposed the solutions of protection and rejuvenation.
  • XIAO Yun;WANG Ji
    . 2004, 22(0410): 61-63.
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    As an effective means for improving scientific and democratization of higher education management, Educational medi-organization has feature and the nature of general organization, and again has its own unique feature and authority. Through explicating several unique property of educational medi-organization, the article discussed government’s corresponding administration for it.