08 June 2014, Volume 32 Issue 16

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  • ZHANG Shu, JIANG Kai, MAO Xiaoyi, LIU Yinkun
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    In this study, Golgi protein 73 (GP73) of hepatocelluler carcinoma (HCC) cell lines with different metastatic potential was purified by antibody affinity chromatography and the purification result was confirmed by LC-MS/MS, providing more proof for GP73 as a biomarker for HCC. Purified GP73 was then analyzed using western blot and lectin blot to obtain its glycosylation level in HCC cell lines with different metastatic potential. We found that glycan of GP73 can be recognized by ConA, AAL, LCA and PHA-E lectins, while the LCA and PHA-E-reactive fraction of GP73 was increased along with the increasing metastatic potential of HCC cell lines. The glycan level of GP73 was different in HCC cell lines with different metastatic potential, and the content of fucose (recognized by LCA) and bisecting structure (recognized by PHA-E) increased in agreement with the metastatic potential.
  • JIN Hua, MA Xiangyu, GUO Xia, SEYITI Ayinuer, LIU Yan, CHENG Jingxin
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    To investigate the association of the cell apoptosis with the expression change of adenine nucleotide translocator (ANT) in the tissue of Uighur women with cervical cancer, we collected cervical tissue samples from Uygur women with cervical lesions (invasive cervical cancer (ICC): 36 cases and cervicitis: 32 cases). The mRNA and protein expression levels of ANT1, ANT2, ANT3, Bax, Bcl-2, and P53 in the tissues from the two groups were examined by real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR (Q-PCR) and western blot (WB). Apoptotic activity of cervical epithelium cells from the two groups was studied by TUNEL (terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase-mediated dUTP nick end labeling) method. The results of Q-PCR and WB show that compared with the cervicitis group, the expressions of p53 and Bax in the ICC group decreased while the expressions of Bcl-2 and ANT3 increased, and the difference was statistically significant (P<0.05). The TUNEL results showed that the apoptosis index (AI) of the ICC group was obviously higher than that of the normal control cervicitis groups, the difference between the two groups was statistically significant (P<0.05). The abnormal expression of ANT in cervical cancer leads to mitochondrial dysfunction, thus interfering the apoptosis process, which may be an important mechanism of the occurrence and development of cervical cancer.
  • MAMTIMIN Batur, XU Weifang, LI Wei, WU Yan, UPUR Halmurat
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    To investigate the plasma samples from asthma patients with phlegm-stasis or abnormal Savda syndrome with NMR spectroscopy and to analyze their metabolic varieties, characteristics and reciprocity, fifty healthy volunteers who were confirmed by medical examination and 162 asthma patients were enrolled. The asthma patients were divided into the abnormal Savda syndrome group and the phlegm-stasis syndrome group according to the theory of traditional Uyghur medicine and the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, respectively. There were 80 cases in the abnormal Savda syndrome group and 82 in the phlegm-stasis group. Plasma samples were obtained by centrifugation of blood samples from all the individuals in the morning before breakfast, and were immediately stored at -80℃ until use for NMR spectroscopy. 1H NMR spectra were analyzed using the orthogonal projection to latent structure with the discriminative analysis (OPLS-DA) method with unit variance scaling. The discriminative significance of metabolites was determined by the Pearson's product-moment correlation coefficient. The results showed that compared to the control group, the asthma patients with phlegm-stasis had low concentrations of isoleucine, leucine, valine, lactate, alanine, glycoprotein, citrate, tyrosine, phenylalanine and 1-methylhistidine (P<0.05); the asthma patients with abnormal Savda syndrome had low concentrations of isoleucine, leucine, valine, lactate, alanine, glycoprotein, glutamine, creatine, creatinine, citrate, tyrosine, phenylalanine and 1-methylhistidine, α-glucose and β-glucose (P<0.05). The conclusion is that the asthma patients with different syndromes have very similar metabolic changes, i.e., abnormal performance for amino acid metabolism, inhibited citric acid cycle gluconeogenesis disorder and immune dysfunction.
  • FENG Changgen, YU Weiwei, GAN Qiang, SHANG Hairu
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    In order to confirm the types of compounds in licorice and its active ingredient, the chemical components of licorice are analyzed. The liquid of licorice is extracted by petroleum ether and ethyl acetate, the ethyl acetate extract is separated by silica gel column. The isolate is analyzed by color reaction, high performance liquid chromatography, infra-red spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, 1H nuclear magnetic resonance spectra and 13C nuclear magnetic resonance spectra structure identification. An isoflavone glycitin is isolated from the licorice, which has some inhibitory effect on α-glucosidase. The compound has been isolated from Glycyrrhiza for the first time. The inhibition activity against α-glucosidase is tested in vitro, and this compound shows good inhibition effect on α-glucosidase with IC50 of 0.5646 mg·mL-1, better than the position control acarbose. The results of kinetic experiments show that the depressant effect of glycitin is non competitive inhibition and the constant of Km is 8.1571 mol·L-1. The value of Ki is 1.318 mg·mL-1 calculated by the Dixon equation.
  • ZHAO Yuji, LUO Litao, LIU Weidong, YAN Wenhan, GOU Feifei, XU Ke
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    Viscosity and interfacial tension are the main indexes of polymer/surfactant binary flooding to evaluate the oil displacement efficiency. Study on the variations of viscosity and interfacial tension of polymer/surfactant binary flooding in porous media plays a guiding role. In order to study the variation of the system in porous media, flood test is designed which uses four kinds of injected slugs and three kinds of sand filling tubes to study the variation of viscosity and interfacial tension of the system. The results show that under the same injection speed and the flow distance, the greater slug injected, the lower minimum interfacial tension obtained, a longer time maintained and a higher viscosity retained. Under the same injection speed and injected slug, the longer the flow distance, the lower minimum interfacial tension obtained, a longer time maintained and a higher viscosity retained. These results have an important guiding role for the binary system of injection plan design.
  • XIAO Yufeng
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    To improve the efficiency in evaluating the reliability of a network with unreliable nodes, this paper proposes a computation method based on isomorphism determination. In analyzing the reliability, the CMP (characteristic mergence partition) is used to identify the isomorphic subnet generated by the network decomposition; the edge replacement operations are used to store unreliable nodes into the OBDD (ordered binary decision diagram). Not only the repeated computations from isomorphic subnets are reduced, but also the computation efficiency is enhanced by the efficient OBDD storage. On the experiment platform, this method takes less than 100 seconds for small and medium networks, and several hundreds seconds for networks with hundreds of nodes. Experiments show that this method can accurately evaluate the network reliability, and takes less than one-tenth time taken by the standard BDD (binary decision diagram) method for medium and large networks.
  • BAN Fansheng, YUAN Guangjie, ZHAO Zhicheng
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    The insoluble interlayer can have a major impact on the shape development of salt caverns when building salt caverns gas storage. A mechanical model of the interlayer is established and solved by bending theory of thin plates with small deflections for collapsing of interlayer in salt caverns gas storage. The stress distribution rules and collapsing conditions of the interlayer are analyzed with the mechanical model. A computing method is provided for ultimate span of the interlayer. Distribution characteristics of various stress components in the section of the interlayer are computed with engineering examples, and the collapse of position under the conditions of varying thickness of interlayer is computed. The results show that the maximum shear stress occurs in the middle plane of the fixed end of the interlayer, and the maximum normal stress occurred in the upper and lower end faces of the fixed end of the interlayer. Shear failure occurs at the fixed end of the interlayer when the maximum shear stress reaches its limit value. Tensile failure occurs at the fixed end of the interlayer when the maximum normal stress reaches its limit value. Engineering practice has proved that the greater the thickness of the interlayer, the larger the collapsing span. A theoretical basis and computing method are provided for prediction of collapsing of interlayer in salt caverns gas storage.
  • ZHANG Xueling, ZHU Weiyao, XUE Chengguo, YUE Ming, GAO Ying, HUANG Xiaohe
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    The research of heating distribution in the steam flooding process in a fractured heavy oil reservoir is rare; this paper focuses on the hot steam injection into a fractured heavy oil reservoir and studies the heating process of the oil reservoir. Fractal theory is introduced to characterize the development and distribution of cracks. Fracture volume fraction and effective permeability are derived, which significantly affect the seepage capability and the heat-transfer mechanism. Combined with the energy balance equation and the seepage motion equation, an analytical solution to heating distribution is obtained for steam flooding in a fractured heavy oil reservoir. The effects of the steam injection time and cracks parameters on the steam flooding are analyzed. The results show that the fractal dimension can more obviously affect the heating range compared to the circuity fractal dimension. It is indicated that the density of the branching cracks is more important than the circuity form of the cracks.
  • AI Zhijiu, XIAN Yong, XIA Huan, JIAO Ruyi, JIANG Yong
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    Based on the geotechnical failure criteria of the equivalent plastic strain and the geotechnical elastic-plastic constitutive relation, the random collision under gravity and the geotechnical interaction are considered to establish a nonlinear dynamics model of the interaction between the reamer and the geotechnical body, which is used in the finite element method. The horizontal directional drilling construction process is simulated when the reamer operates. The reamer produces a settlement in its operation, the settlement of the reamer increases with the construction time, the speed in the vertical direction changes in a range of -380~320 mm/s. The sedimentation rate increases with the reamer's drilling speed. The actual cross-section of the perforations is pear-shaped, as is the case in engineering examples.
  • JIANG Wenwu, XIE Jianmin, YANG Zuolin, LI Jiafu
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    This paper introduces the basic principle and system architecture of micro seismic monitoring technology from an engineering background of the Piaotang mine. The law of ground pressure activities in level 448 is studied and three steps based on different theories are involved. The event density contour plot is used for establishing the risk region. Observation period, prediction period and danger period are set up based on earthquake parameter time curves. The statistics of b value are made for checking the result. After that, the particular middle risk assessment of that area is performed by using the statistics and magnitude theory. Then the film clip stopped is confirmed with emphasis on the area of risk assessment and prediction area. Theoretical analysis and practical results show that the mine ground pressure activity is not only related to the time but also closely to underground mining activities. And the underground mining activity is an important risk resource in the underground environment. The seismic event concentrated area corresponds to the underground working position. The peak activity of seismic event is in accordance with stopping and developing machine-team in spatial and temporal domains. Those three periods are set up when determined based on earthquake parameter time curves. If so, less persons and property losses can be achieved. Combined with the current monitoring results and work, when the instability signal appears, the system can inform the miners, providing safeguard for mine safety production.
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  • XU Chong
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    This paper reviews the studies of earthquake-triggered landslides across the China mainland before the 2008 Wenchuan Mw7.9 earthquake. It focuses on two aspects: one concerns the characteristics and the spatial distribution of landslides, and the other the hazard assessment and the spatial prediction of these hazards. In the first aspect, there are several studies related to earthquaketriggered landslides in China mainland,with many results on earthquake-triggered landslides in Southwest China and Northwest China, including case studies of several large seismic events. Some related studies for other regions of China mainland are also discussed. In the second aspect, the studies may be divided into two categories of expert knowledge-based methods and data-driven methods. Shortcomings and limitations of these studies are analyzed, with comparisons of earthquake magnitudes and co-seismic landslides, preparation of landslide inventory maps based on individual earthquake events, and earthquake-triggered landslides evaluation modelling. It is suggested to carry out remedial studies about landslides triggered by major earthquake events before the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake. They can provide insight for landslide-hazard mitigations in the future and are of great significance for development of earthquake-triggered landslide research.
  • QIAO Tie, MA Ruihong
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    Cholelithiasis is a worldwide common disease with a mean prevalence rate of 10%, according to epidemiological studies. Researchers from China and other countries have done many researches on the etiology and pathogenesis of gallstone, but it is still not well understood. However, many researches suggests that a different type of gallstone has a different pathogenesis, so accurate classification is the foundation and prerequisite of gallstone mechanism research. This paper discusses the progress of domestic and foreign researches on gallstone classification, including stone classifications based on different methods and a comparison of these classifications.