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   Science & Technology Review
2018, Vol.36, No. 8
28 April 2018

Spescial Issues
Science and Technology Humanities
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Science & Technology Review. 2018, 36 (8): 0-0.
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Abstract ( 262 )

Science & Technology Review. 2018, 36 (8): 6-7.
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Science & Technology Review. 2018, 36 (8): 1-1.
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Spescial Issues

Complexity of beam-halo chaos, the control methods and applications

FANG Jinqing
Science & Technology Review. 2018, 36 (8): 8-21. ;  doi: 10.3981/j.issn.1000-7857.2018.08.001
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Abstract ( 450 )
The beam transmission system in a particle accelerator is a complex network composed of many electromagnetic focusing units as nodes. The intense current particle beam in the beam transmission network system(BTN) can produce its own special halo chaos, as a unique flower in the complexity science garden. It is an extremely important subject of concern. The complexity, the physical mechanism, the control methods and the practical applications of this special beam-halo in the chaos kingdom are reviewed in this paper.

Theoretical studies of signed social networks based on null models

XU Xiaoke, GENG Xuena, WANG Xue
Science & Technology Review. 2018, 36 (8): 22-30. ;  doi: 10.3981/j.issn.1000-7857.2018.08.002
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Abstract ( 328 )
The structural balance and the status are important issues in social network fields, which can be used to analyze signed social networks with a mixture of positive and negative interactions. In this study firstly three novel random link-mixing null models are proposed. Then the status and structural balance theories of signed social networks are studied based on the random link-mixing null models as well as the random sign-mixing null models. It is shown that, based on null models, not only the accuracy obtained based on both theories can be verified in the study of empirical networks, but also the impacts of the positive and negative edge topologies and the edge signed correlation on the whole network properties can be revealed. Finally, a new framework is proposed to study whether the directed signed networks can be transformed into the undirected signed networks. It is confirmed that the common methods for transforming the directed signed networks into the undirected signed networks are not suitable for studying social network theories, and the potential theory in unsigned directed networks is also studied.

The relationship between user motivations and behaviors of SNS based on neural network

LUO Zhixia, AN Jingwen, WU Zhunan
Science & Technology Review. 2018, 36 (8): 31-39. ;  doi: 10.3981/j.issn.1000-7857.2018.08.003
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (2084 KB)  ( 287 )
Abstract ( 444 )
Following a literature review, based on the "profitability" motivation and "social profitability" behavior, this paper studies the user's behavior of SNS. A research questionnaire is designed, the reliability and the validity of the scale are assessed, and the Neural Network is used to analyze the contribution of the users' motivation to the behavior of SNS. It is shown that different motivations have different effects on different behaviors. Various motivations contribute differently to the behaviors and a general tendency is seen as:usefulness > self-presentation > recreation > accessibility > profitability > conformity > sociability. Finally, some recommendations are proposed to run the SNS based on the analysis of the motivation and the users' behavior.

The brain age prediction based on the power spectrum entropy feature extraction

XU Wei, JIANG Luoluo, WANG Binghong
Science & Technology Review. 2018, 36 (8): 40-47. ;  doi: 10.3981/j.issn.1000-7857.2018.08.004
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (2216 KB)  ( 739 )
Abstract ( 469 )
The brain activity sees a functional decline in the aging process. The Electroencephalogram (EEG) signals of young and elderly people are obtained by the decision-making experiment to be used to quantitatively analyze the changes of the brain with age. This paper presents an entropy-based characterization method of the EEG, which can accurately predict the human brain age by the machine learning method. The results show that there is a rich performance with the power spectrum entropy (PSE) in the time-resolution ability and the effect of the accurate differentiation. The distribution of the entropy of the young people in a decision-making process has a greater intensity than that of the elderly. In other words, the amount of information of the brain generated by young people is larger than that of the elderly. In addition, the support vector machine (SVM) is superior to the random forest (RF) method, since the highest average accuracy (ACC) is 88.02% and is 2.66% higher than that of the RF method. It is also found that a great difference is observed in the responses of the decision-making, especially in the left EOG, temporal and central regions of the brain, which can be more easily classified by the classifiers.

Study on chaotic dynamics of a duopoly Stackelberg game with delayed strategies

Science & Technology Review. 2018, 36 (8): 48-54. ;  doi: 10.3981/j.issn.1000-7857.2018.08.005
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (1963 KB)  ( 168 )
Abstract ( 415 )
In this paper, a duopoly Stackelberg game of output competition is built. The two players adopt different strategies, i.e. with the bounded rationality and with the adaptable expectation, respectively. For the duopoly Stackelberg model, a nonlinear dynamical system is used to analyze the time evolution and Nash equilibrium point are used to study its stability. Numerical simulations show a series of chaotic behaviors. The results demonstrate that a proper delay coefficient enlarges the stable region.

Analysis of scientific literature database from a perspective of complex network

ZHOU Jianlin, NIU Qikai, ZENG An, FAN Ying, DI Zengru
Science & Technology Review. 2018, 36 (8): 55-64. ;  doi: 10.3981/j.issn.1000-7857.2018.08.006
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (1614 KB)  ( 513 )
Abstract ( 428 )
Scientific literature data cover the complete information of papers and authors. Facing the massive scientific literature data, traditional statistical analysis methods cannot fully explore the information hidden behind the data without the help of other analysis methods. The interactions in scientific literature data, such as citation between papers and co-authorship between scientists, allow for the construction of different forms of complex networks (citation networks, collaboration networks, etc.), which can allow us to distinguish the effective information hidden in the scientific literature data based on network analysis. This paper summarizes the complex network forms of scientific literature data and highlights the topological properties, evolution patterns as well as evolution mechanisms of scientific collaboration networks and scientific citation networks. As impact evaluation of papers and scientists has attracted so much attention from researchers for a long time,, we also briefly summarize the related evaluation methods of papers and scientists. From the perspective of complex network, it can also explain many meaningful questions and interesting phenomena in scientific literature data, such as the shift of scientists' research interests and the sleeping beauties. In the future, the method of network analysis must be able to achieve more abundant research results in mining scientific literature data.

High precision contact angle algorithms for ultra hydrophilic film surface

ZHANG Tian, TIAN Hanmin, RONG Xiaoying, ZHAO Kunyue, GUO Dan
Science & Technology Review. 2018, 36 (8): 65-70. ;  doi: 10.3981/j.issn.1000-7857.2018.08.007
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (2423 KB)  ( 251 )
Abstract ( 579 )
As a kind of extremely wetting surface, the surface of superhydrophilic film has become one of the focuses of research in the field of the modern industry and the urban construction because of its self-cleaning, anti-fog and anti-corrosion properties. One method of defining extremely wetting surfaces is the measurement of contact angles, therefore, it is significant to obtain a high precision contact angle in the extremely wetting surface engineering. In this paper, several contact angle algorithms for improving contact angle accuracy for the ultra hydrophilic film surface are proposed, including the high volume method, the circle fitting method and the ellipse fitting method. In addition, it is shown that the accuracy of the calculation can be improved by the circular fitting algorithm when the contact angle is close to zero.

Effect of inorganic salts on photosensitization and degradation of tetracycline by photocatalysis using Bi2WO6 as the catalyst

ZHANG Yixin, MA Chunmeng, LIU Peng, FENG Limin, ZHANG Fengjun
Science & Technology Review. 2018, 36 (8): 71-78. ;  doi: 10.3981/j.issn.1000-7857.2018.08.008
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (3013 KB)  ( 242 )
Abstract ( 478 )
The photocatalytic reaction with Bi2WO6 as a catalyst is found to be effective for removal of tetracycline in wastewater. In this paper, the treatment efficiency of Bi2WO6 photocatalyst for tetracycline wastewater is further improved through directly adding photosensitizer to the photocatalytic reaction. Bi2WO6 catalyst is prepared and characterized by XRD and SEM to explore its crystal structure and morphology. Meanwhile, the effects of five factors including anion, cation, photosensitizer dosage, initial concentration of tetracycline, and initial pH of tetracycline on the removal of tetracycline are studied. The results show that the photocatalyst is successfully prepared without any damage to the lattice structure, and that addition of sensitizer can improve adsorption and removal of tetracycline, and that the catalytic activity of Bi2WO6 is optimized. The promotion effects of anion Cl- and cationic Cu2+ are better than others, and after comparison the best photosensitizer is found to be copper sulfate. The removal rate of tetracycline can reach 88.79% when the addition of copper sulfate is 1.5 ml and the initial concentration of tetracycline is 70 mg/L. Besides, the adsorption efficiency is the best when pH is 5 or 8, the adsorption rates being 51.50% and 55.01%, respectively.

Life cycle assessment and environmental management:Methodology, limitations, and technical progress

CAO Ye, ZOU Zhendong, QIU Guoyu
Science & Technology Review. 2018, 36 (8): 79-86. ;  doi: 10.3981/j.issn.1000-7857.2018.08.009
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (1377 KB)  ( 686 )
Abstract ( 591 )
Life cycle assessment (LCA) method has been widely used in many fields since its birth, but the most prominent contribution is its application to environmental management. The technical framework of LCA can be divided into four parts:target and scope, list analysis, impact assessment (LCIA) and result interpretation. The methods of LCIA can be summed up as midpoint method and end point method. LCA has limitations in such as data acquisition, inventory allocation, boundary selection, evaluation models, temporal and spatial constraints, and uncertainty of results. In order to adapt to the requirements of environmental management and evaluation technology, LCA evaluation technology is being developed towards a systematic direction. LCA has so far expanded its application field and avoided its limitation in evaluation, which makes it become an indispensable tool for environmental management.

Forest fire weather forecasting with coupled vegetation and T639 model

YANG Xiaodan, ZHAO Luqiang, SONG Jianyang, Li Wanyu
Science & Technology Review. 2018, 36 (8): 87-92. ;  doi: 10.3981/j.issn.1000-7857.2018.08.010
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (3330 KB)  ( 123 )
Abstract ( 417 )
Guided by the theories of the geographic information of the underlying surface and the distribution characteristics of forest, a forest fire weather forecast model is established through analysis of the relationship between meteorological factors (such as atmospheric precipitation, surface air temperature, humidity and wind speed) and the fuel status based on the ground observation data of 2425 stations in China and the T639 numerical forecast data. The predicted results indicate that the current model can well reflect the situations in the local areas of the forest with high probability for a correct prediction of fire weather, thus providing a good guidance for forest fire prognosis and prediction.
Science and Technology Humanities

A research on A. A. Markov's probability feelings

XU Chuansheng
Science & Technology Review. 2018, 36 (8): 93-96. ;  doi: 10.3981/j.issn.1000-7857.2018.08.011
Full text: HTMLnew PDF  (989 KB)  ( 160 )
Abstract ( 419 )
Markov was an excellent representative of the Mathematicians School from the St. Peterburg. He inherited and developed the probability thought from Chebyshev. He Provided the first rigorous proof on the central limit theorem, extended the theorem of large numbers and also laid a foundation on the theory of stochastic processes and so on. His researches Impelled the spread and the development of probability theory in Russia. This paper presents the academic discussion between Markov and the teacher junior fellow apprentice, It shows A. A. Markov's noble outlook on science and life.

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