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   Science & Technology Review
2012, Vol.30, No. 27
28 September 2012

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Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 3-3. ;  doi:
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Abstract ( 149 )

Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 7-7. ;  doi:
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Abstract ( 130 )

Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 8-8. ;  doi:
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Abstract ( 145 )

Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 8-8. ;  doi:
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Abstract ( 127 )

Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 10-10. ;  doi:
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Abstract ( 156 )

Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 12-12. ;  doi:
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Abstract ( 124 )

Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 13-13. ;  doi:
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Abstract ( 134 )

Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 14-14. ;  doi:
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Abstract ( 120 )

Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 53-53. ;  doi:
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Abstract ( 118 )

Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 88-88. ;  doi:
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Abstract ( 133 )

Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 95-95. ;  doi:
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Abstract ( 132 )

Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 96-96. ;  doi:
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Abstract ( 131 )

Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 9-9. ;  doi:
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Abstract ( 182 )

Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 11-11. ;  doi:
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Abstract ( 137 )

Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 15-19. ;  doi:
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Abstract ( 169 )

Isolation and Identification of an Antagonistic Bacillus strain and Its β-1,4-Glucanase Gene Cloning

WU Huiling;LIU Weicheng;LU Caige;DONG Dan;ZHANG Dianpeng;ZHANG Taotao
Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 20-23. ;  doi: 10.3981/j.issn.1000-7857.2012.27.001
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Abstract ( 302 )
Plant fungal diseases are the main factor that affects agricultural production. In order to inhibit fungus diseases, the flat confrontation experiment and the molecular detection were employed for the isolation of biocontrol bacteria. Bacillus L103 was isolated from a vegetable field in suburb of Beijing. The antimicrobial spectrum suggests that this strain shows a high level of inhibitory activity against the tested plant pathogenic fungi. The analysis of 16S rDNA and housekeeping gene sequence shows that it is a kind of Bacillus megaterium. It could produce β-1,4-glucanase, that was detected on CMC-Na plates and congo red staining. We amplified the endo-β-1,4-glucanase gene and sequenced it according to GenBank No.HM130670.1. Its full length was found to be 1482bp and its amino acid number is about 494. Its endo-β-1,4-glucanase gene sequence has 92% homology with that of the endo-β-1,4-glucanase gene of Bacillus sp. HB102, and 85% homology with that of Bacillus subtilis.

Origin and Influencing Factors of Cretaceous Oil Sand Reservoir in Dagang Area, Western Slope of Songliao Basin

SHAN Xuanlong;ZU Yunhao;LUO Honghao;SUN Zhe;CHEN Guibiao
Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 24-29. ;  doi: 10.3981/j.issn.1000-7857.2012.27.002
Full text: HTML (0 KB)  PDF  (2785 KB)  ( 247 )
Abstract ( 271 )
There are abundant oil sand resources in the Western slope of Songliao Casin, and their formation has a close relationship with the geology, the structure and the oil-gas accumulation in this area. In this paper,we analyzes the lithological and sedimentary characteristics, the porosity and the permeability of the oil sand reservoirs by drilling, taking rock slices, using the materials test data and other information,and it is shown that the oil sand reservoirs in this place can be divided into two types: the high porosity and high permeability reservoirs of underwater distributary channels and the high porosity and medium permeability reservoirs of mouth bars on the delta front. The lithology of the reservoirs is mainly of fine-grained lithic sandstone and the pores of the reservoirs are mainly of the type of intergranuiar pores of primary porosity. Reservoirs have low compositional maturity and medium textual maturity. The main influencing factors of the reservoirs include the sedimentary facies, the diagenesis and the fault, in which the sedimentary facies and the diagenesis play a decisive role and the fault plays a role in some areas.

The Sedimentary Facies of Kepingtage Formation of Silurian System in Tazhong Area, Tarim Basin

XU Yanjun;YU Bingsong;ZHONG Dakang
Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 30-34. ;  doi: 10.3981/j.issn.1000-7857.2012.27.003
Full text: HTML (0 KB)  PDF  (2090 KB)  ( 192 )
Abstract ( 194 )
Under the theoretical guidance of sedimentology, geophysics, and palaeontology, based on the analysis on cores, well logs, log data, palaeontologic traces, it is known that the sedimentary system of tidal flat were developed in the Silurian System Kepingtage Formation of Tazhong Area, Tarim Basin. The Kepingtage Formation includes grey-bitumen siltstone, greenish gray politic siltstone, gray medium-fine sandstone, gray medium-fine pebbled sand and developed feathering cross bedding, wave bedding, lensing bedding, thin sand and mudstone interaction layers, and low ration of sand to strata. Especially, the phenomena of the descending distribution from the central area to the margin of the basin and a great deal of feeding and dwelling trail of palaeontologic, all of these phenomena reflect an environment of tidal flat. The Kepingtage Formation is mainly in intertidal zone, subtidal zone, developing microfacies, such as subtidal sand jetty, sand-mud mixed flat of intertidal, and sand flat of lower tidal. Combined with analysis of laboratory data, the relationship between these microfacies and the distribution of oil has been discussed.

Application of Pre-stack Detailed Process Technique on CRP Traces Gather

ZHANG Zheng;DI Bangrang;HU Ying;YAO Fengchang
Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 35-40. ;  doi: 10.3981/j.issn.1000-7857.2012.27.004
Full text: HTML (0 KB)  PDF  (3708 KB)  ( 363 )
Abstract ( 320 )
With the development of the post-stack seismic inversion into the pre-stack seismic inversion, the prestack seismic inversion of the elastic impedance requires a large range of incident angle, i.e. a large offset range, which means a very smooth CRP gather from the pre-migration and a small NMO stretch. So after PSTM, a detailed processing on pre-stack gathers will be carried out to reduce the impact of the residual moveout. The most effective way to reduce the residual moveout and the NMO stretch is the anisotropic NMO, which requires exact anisotropic parameters VNMO and η. In this paper, an anisotropic NMO application process is introduced, which uses the high-density dual-spectral scanning method to obtain τ0 and dtn then converts τ0 and dtn to the anisotropic parameters VNMO and η, which are required for the anisotropic NMO using the shifted hyperbola approach, with the horizontal and vertical interpolation and smoothing. These two parameters will be used in the anisotropic NMO to avoid the bad effects of anisotropy. This method is applied to the synthetic data and field data and good results are obtained, which means that this method can obtain the quite accurate anisotropic parameter, reduce bad influences of residual moveout and NMO stretch on the CRP gather and increase the range of effective offset.

Allocation and Capacity Optimization of Distributed Generation Considering Voltage Stability Index

Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 41-44. ;  doi: 10.3981/j.issn.1000-7857.2012.27.005
Full text: HTML (0 KB)  PDF  (910 KB)  ( 113 )
Abstract ( 254 )
The power location and injected capacity of the Distributed Generation (DG) have a major impact on the distribution network. Based on the smallest power loss and voltage stability index, the optimization problem involving DG location and capacity is turned into a multi-objective nonlinear programming problem. A fuzzy multi-objective optimization algorithm is constructed in order to turn two optimal sub-objectives into a single object. The penalty function is introduced to deal with the beyond-boundaries of the node voltage and DG active power output. Inertia factor adaptive particle swarm optimization algorithm is adopted to solve the problem. In order to speed up the solving speed, firstly the active power loss incremental rates of the nodes are calculated and sequenced; then the nodes with larger absolute values are selected as the candidate nodes for DG installation. The simulation results show that the algorithm proposed has high converged efficiency, strong search ability, and adaptive ability.

Dynamic Measurement of Parameters of MEMS Based on Correlation of Blurred Image

Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 45-49. ;  doi: 10.3981/j.issn.1000-7857.2012.27.006
Full text: HTML (0 KB)  PDF  (2481 KB)  ( 216 )
Abstract ( 248 )
In the measurement of MEMS resonator's dynamic parameters, because the fuzzy synthesis technology does not require a high camera image sampling rate to obtain a high measuring accuracy, so in the actual measurement system it finds a wide application. Based on the study of the blurred image correlation, this paper proposes a technique of dynamic measurement of MEMS parameters for the exact motion tracing. Through computing the distance between two correlated peaks of the first order differential blurred image of the autocorrelation function, the dynamic amplitude of micro-resonators can be obtained. This algorithm is carried out in the spatial domain, the results will not be affected by the resolution of the transform domain, and the measurement accuracy can be improved by interpolation. And through the experimental analysis, the cause of forming the interference peak is clearly identified, and a solution is found and tested. Experimental results show that in this way, the dynamic parameters of MEMS resonators can be effectively measured, and the method is simple, requiring only to collect a fuzzy image of MEMS resonator in the stable state, a small amount of data, and can be used in the online measurement.

A Mathematics Model for the Gas Drainage from a Sealed Lane in Coal Mine

WANG Honggang;LI Xiaoyan;ZHANG Jianrang;WU Fengliang;CHANG Xintan
Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 50-53. ;  doi: 10.3981/j.issn.1000-7857.2012.27.007
Full text: HTML (0 KB)  PDF  (1154 KB)  ( 221 )
Abstract ( 365 )
As an important abnormal operation of coal mine's ventilation management, the design of gas drainage from a sealed lane in coal mine should be paid more attention to the safety of drainage process. On condition that the gas drainage rate is unchanged, the methane concentration during the gas drainage process would uniformly vary; the fresh air flow is able to be mixed sufficiently with those containing more methane in the lane. Based on the comparison with the traditional methods for gas drainage, a new mathematics model for gas drainage is established; the model deduces the dependent relation among parameters involving the methane concentration in drained lane, the flow rate of gas drainage, gas drainage time, and the flow rate under the total negative pressure ventilation system. Furthermore, the length of dangerous time and the risk during the gas drainage process are calculated in order to obtain an important conclusion, that is, the dangerous time of gas drainage is irrelevant to the initial concentration, the risk of gas drainage has noting to do with the ratio between the gas drainage flow rate to the volume of drained lane. Finally, a case study of gas drainage is adopted to validate the new proposed model.

Presplit Blasting Technology for Hard Top Coal of Xingtai Coal Mine Second 1 Coal Seam

NAN Cunquan;SHANG Jiaxin
Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 54-57. ;  doi: 10.3981/j.issn.1000-7857.2012.27.008
Full text: HTML (0 KB)  PDF  (1669 KB)  ( 158 )
Abstract ( 291 )
The mining of a sharply inclined hard thick coal seam is one of the difficult technical problems in the mining technology. In the sharply inclined hard thick coal seam, the mining pressure does not show clearly and the coal seam roof management is complex, in addition to roof accidents, low stopping rate and other factors, which makes the improvement of the mine production and the economic benefits very difficult. The Xingtai coal mine of second 1 coal seam has remarkable characteristics of hard coal, large dip angle of coal seam, high mashgas and thick seam. Thus, the main technical problems that the Xingtai Coal Mine has to face, are the improvement of hard top-coal caving characteristics. This paper, on the basis of analysis of the broken characteristics of hard top-coal, and combined with the coal seam's second 1 engineering geological conditions, suggests some major technical measures and three kinds of presplit blasting schemes of improving the two 1 coal seam hard top-coal caving characteristics. Through the field test, the problem that the two 1 coal seam hard top-coal is difficult to release is successfully solved, and the desired effect is achieved.

Simple Sol-Gel Route for Preparation of Nanosized Porous TiO2 Powders Using Inorganic Precursor

ZHANG Xin;WU Junsheng;XIAO Kui;ZHOU Jianlong;YANG Renchun;LI Xiaogang
Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 58-60. ;  doi: 10.3981/j.issn.1000-7857.2012.27.009
Full text: HTML (0 KB)  PDF  (1029 KB)  ( 123 )
Abstract ( 213 )
NThe nanosized porous TiO2 powders were synthesized by using the titanium sulfate solution through a simple sol-gel route, where the formamide was used as the pH adjusting agent. The X-ray diffraction, the scanning electron microscopy, the transmission electron microscopy and the N2 Adsorption/Desorption were used to analyze the prepared samples. The results show that the prepared TiO2 powders have a high thermal stability and maintain as a monophasic anatase in cases of calcination from 450℃ to 750℃, furthermore, the main crystalline phase remains as that of anatase even at 850℃. The crystalline grains of TiO2 powders grow larger and the specific surface area is reduced with enhancing the calcination temperature. The microstructure of TiO2 powders is that of aggregation of nanocrystalline with diameter of approximately 10 nm in case of calcination at 550℃. The specific surface area of the prepared samples is approximately 219.70m2·g-1 after calcinating at 550℃ and there is a specific bimodal pore structure in the prepared samples.

Early Autologous Blood Transfusion Treatment for the Hemorrhagic Shock of Thoracic Multiple Injuries

LI Qingxin;MENG Hui;ZHENG Jun;HONG Bo;ZHANG Shifan;LI Naibin;GAO Ming;YANG Junfeng;WU Zhiqiang
Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 61-64. ;  doi: 10.3981/j.issn.1000-7857.2012.27.010
Full text: HTML (0 KB)  PDF  (957 KB)  ( 205 )
Abstract ( 186 )
Animal models for thoracic traumatic hemopneumothorax and hemorrhagic shock were constructed, and thoracic cavity blood were reclaimed by the disposable patented equipment, then the treatment effect of autologous blood transfusion was explored. Eighteen Beagles with common grade were randomly divided into three groups, which included mini-traumatic shock group (group A, n=6), heavy traumatic shock and hemopneumothorax with autologous blood transfusion group (group B, n=6), and heavy traumatic shock and hemopneumothorax with non-autologous blood transfusion group (group C, n=6). Disposable patented equipments have the multifunction including vacuum aspiration, blood reclaiming, anticoagulation filtering, autologous blood transfusion, paracentesis, and draining. Animal survival rate, red blood cell, white blood cell, hemoglobin, hematocrit, platelet, fibrinogen and coagulation function were observed. Comparing with the control group (group C), the animals in experimental group (group A, B) have a higher survival rate and their parameters, such as red blood cell, keep better. Applying the autologous blood transfusion reclaiming patented equipment treatment to the beagles with heavy traumatic shock and hemopneumothorax has a conspicuous remedy effect.

Reservoir Wettability Evaluation Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Technology

SUN Junchang;YANG Zhengming;LIU Xuewei;XIONG Shengchun
Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 65-71. ;  doi: 10.3981/j.issn.1000-7857.2012.27.011
Full text: HTML (0 KB)  PDF  (1721 KB)  ( 211 )
Abstract ( 359 )
Wettability is one of the most important factors affecting micro-distribution of water and oil in rock pore space, capillary pressure, relative permeability, and irreducible water saturation. Wettability measurement is one of key research branches in special core analysis. It is very useful to develop the best development strategy and select an optimal EOR method on the basis of accurate known wettability of target petroleum reservoir. The three classical wettability evaluation methods and their disadvantages are briefly introduced. The development history, research results, and applications are reviewed through the investigation into a large number of professional literatures. Meanwhile, the basic mechanism, accuracy, and advantages are also analyzed with the multiphase fluid flow theory in wettability evaluation using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR).

Research Progress in Submerged Plant for Purifying Water Quality

ZHANG Yinjiang;LIU Xiaopei;JIN Jing;DONG Yue;DUAN Ting;ZHANG Manman;ZHANG Leting;LI Zhen
Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 72-79. ;  doi: 10.3981/j.issn.1000-7857.2012.27.012
Full text: HTML (0 KB)  PDF  (1784 KB)  ( 530 )
Abstract ( 266 )
The progress in submersed macrophyte effectively removing N, P, heavy metals, and organics from the eutrophication water and other waste water body and the allelopathy of algal growth inhibition action are reviewed. And the removal rate of submerged macrophyte is analyzed; submersed macrophyte has a high application value in the waters ecological restoration. The problems involving water quality purification by using submersed macrophyte are pointed out, and the research prospect and direction of submersed macrophyte for purifying water quality are looked forward to.

Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 80-80. ;  doi:
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Abstract ( 147 )

Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 81-81. ;  doi:
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Abstract ( 147 )

Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 82-82. ;  doi:
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Abstract ( 134 )

Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 82-82. ;  doi:
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Abstract ( 121 )

Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 83-83. ;  doi:
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Abstract ( 133 )

Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 84-84. ;  doi:
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Abstract ( 142 )

Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 85-87. ;  doi:
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Abstract ( 120 )

Science & Technology Review. 2012, 30 (27): 89-92. ;  doi:
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Abstract ( 127 )

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